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Joe Manganiello Has Developed a Dungeons & Dragons Movie Script

April 7, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Joe Manganiello has developed a script for a Dungeons & Dragons movie based on the Dragonlance setting. Manganiello, a noted and outspoken fan of the roleplaying game, appeared on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast and revealed he has put together a script along with John Cassel and is actively looking to get the film made.

Manganiello later took to Twitter to confirm that the script — credited to Cassel — is based off Margaret Wies and Tracy Hickman’s Dragons of Autumn Twilight, one of the most beloved D&D books of all-time. Manganiello said that he has spoken with Wizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, to talk about “where [the film] could go, what it should look like, and what it should be.”

He noted that while it contains a lot of spectacle, it must have a human element. “We root for those characters in Game of Thrones,” said Manganiello. “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was about friendship, this undying love for your friends. That’s something everyone can identify with.”

Wizards is already developing a Dungons & Dragons film set in the Forgotten Realms setting with Rob Letterman directing and Ansel Elgort previously reported to be in talks to star. Dragons of Autumn Twilight was previously adapted into an animated film, which was released straight to DVD and was generally disliked by critics and fans.