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Jonathan Frakes Discusses His Experience Directing Star Trek Discovery and His Thoughts on Quentin Tarantino Possibly Helming the Next Feature

January 13, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jonathan Frakes - Star Trek

IGN recently spoke to actor, director and Star Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes, who directed the 10th episode of the new Star Trek Discovery series, “Despite Yourself.” The show recently returned from its midseason hiatus on CBS All Access with “Chapter 2.” Below are some highlights.

Frakes on returning to Star Trek: “It was wonderful. It was like stepping into comfortable shoes, but with more toys, and more time. And a brand new family! I was just speaking to someone earlier about how similar the feel of the company is to our company, in terms of how the relationships, both on camera and off, are so intense, and everyone is so excited about this stage in their career. They realize, in a way that we just began to realize, sort of, as ours went on, that they’re now part of this incredible, popular, cultural icon. And as a company, each individual seems to have embraced it fully. There’s no one who’s jaded and there’s no one who’s cynical, and it’s a pleasure. And it’s great for the show.”

Frakes on liking to be a part of each piece of the franchise: “I take great pride in being part of it as much as I can. I’m thrilled to be part of Discovery. Just as I was, even in the ill-fated appearance on the last episode of Enterprise. Just to have a piece of each – that’s why I’d like to be involved in some way in J.J. [Abrams]’s films. And it’s just been such a privilege to be in the family. It’s been fun to try to get a little taste of each course.”

His thoughts on Quentin Tarantino possibly directing the next film: “I’m very excited about it. I asked, I e-mailed with J.J. about it, and he thinks it’s gonna be wild, was the word he used. I’m an eternal optimist, and I’m very, very hopeful that this actually becomes a reality. … And of course, selfishly hope that he uses actors from the Next Gen.”

Frakes on the production process for his Discovery episode: “Well, I was privileged to have my cinematographer during prep, Colin Holt, and he filled me in on the lack of limitations that were put on us. That we were really, literally, encouraged to tell the story with the camera, in a way that… I had just come, actually, from doing an episode from The Orville, which is shot specifically to look like Next Generation. So that was a challenge and interesting in its own way. This, the Discovery, is, for shorthand, it’s very much in J.J.’s world of Star Trek, where it’s very cinematic, a lot of use of the crane, a lot of Dutch [angles], a lot of sweeping. And it’s encouraged to be cinematic. And when you have the time and the toys, it’s fabulous.”