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Kieran Culkin Says Succession Role Has Caused Him to Swear More In Real Life

December 8, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kieran Culkin Succession Image Credit: Graeme Hunter/HBO

Kieran Culkin’s role in HBO’s hit drama Succession has caused a particular side effect in his real life: he swears more. Culkin, who plays Roman Roy in the Emmy juggernaut, recently spoke with NPR for an interview and during it, he noted that the show’s penchant toward profanity has made it a natural course of his personal conversations.

“I would say the F-word just slides out of me,” Culkin said. “I mean, I think in general, that’s always been a sort of natural word for me. But since doing the show, it’s every sentence, more or less. I’m trying to be careful now because my two-year-old daughter actually has become a mimic. So that one’s been tough. She hasn’t said it yet.”

Culkin was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama in 2020 for his work as Roman, as well as two Golden Globes. Succession is currently toward the end of its third season, with a fourth season ordered back in October.