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What Did We Learn From Captain Marvel?

March 12, 2019 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
Captain Marvel Avengers 4

Another weekend and another mighty triumph for Marvel. Captain Marvel can boast about an opening weekend of $153 million in North America, with another $302 million internationally, giving it an estimated global opening weekend of $455 million. The sixth highest global debut of all time.

These numbers are way above studio estimates, which were pegged at $125 million for the US.

These numbers are incredibly impressive but what fans are really talking about is how Captain Marvel will fit in the Marvel cinematic universe and in future phases?

With all eyes now on Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel gave us some little gems to mull over to tide us over.

We’ll be dealing with SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet, thanks for the click and come back after you do.

Let me start with the cliche: “This movie provides lots of answers but also creates just as many questions.”

Captain Marvel fills in plenty of backstory when it comes to Captain Marvel, the Avengers Initiative and Nick Fury’s role in the cinematic universe.

What’s to note about Captain Marvel herself? She’s incredibly powerful. So much so that the Kree were trying to limit her power because we all know what happens to people who get to be too powerful.

While the focus has always been on the Avengers as Earth’s premiere superheroes, it was really Captain Marvel who paved the way for them, inspiring Fury.

Much is being made of the pager Fury used in Avengers: Infinity War. Why didn’t he use it before? Wait, did he use it before? How did he know to use it at that precise moment?

Captain Marvel shows us that the pager is only to used in absolute emergencies. We also know, thanks to a mid-credit clip, that Captain Marvel does indeed heed the call, setting the stage for Avengers: Endgame.

It does beg the question of what was she doing all this time and how come Fury never shared information about her to anyone? Are they going to introduce S.W.O.R.D. into the universe? What about the Brood or the Shi’Ar?

Getting back on topic, the Skrulls played an interesting part in the movie and I enjoyed how their portrayal changed during the story.

The Skrulls wanted the tesseract because they wanted to get away from the Kree and live in peace. The Kree wanted the tesseract so they could…kill the Skrulls. It’s a nice change and I hope it plays out in future movies.

That and more Flerkens. We need more of them.

What did you think of Captain Marvel?

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