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LeBron James To Produce Reboot of Friday the 13th

October 23, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Friday the 13th

With Michael Myers breaking franchise records with the new Halloween sequel, it only makes sense that someone would try to get a new Jason Voorhees movie off the ground. That someone appears to be LeBron James, whose production company Springhill Entertainment is in talks to produce a reboot, according to Bloody Disgusting. Springhill is working with Vertigo Entertainment, which produced the IT remake.

The rights to Friday the 13th have been up in the air for a while, as original screenwriter Victor Miller had sued to obtain the original rights for his screenplay. This put everything Jason-related on hold, including new content for the popular video game from Gun Media. Miller won the court battle last month, but Friday producer and director Sean Cunningham could still appeal. The legal win for Miller, however, did not include the rights to Jason Voorhees, the hockey masked killer who is the star of the franchise. After all, the original film featured Jason as a boy and Pamela Voorhees, his mother, as the killer. This makes it possible that more legal battles could be on the way. It’s believed that Miller will control the rights in the US while Warner Bros. will control international rights.

The talks for the reboot are early and neither a writer nor director has been hired.

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