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Legends of Tomorrow 2.13 Review – ‘Land of the Lost’

March 7, 2017 | Posted by Katie Hallahan
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Legends of Tomorrow 2.13 Review – ‘Land of the Lost’  

Welcome to the Cretaceous Period! And more importantly, the timeless landscape of Rip Hunter’s mind, where two of the Legends battle for the mind and soul of their former Captain.

The plot: When Evil Rip Hunter uses an override code to send the Waverider into lockdown, the team shuts down the ship to prevent his escape, and end up crash landing in the Cretaceous Period–exactly the year Ray was sent to way back in the season premiere. While Ray, Nate, and Amaya look for a key piece of the time drive that was lost in the crash, Jax and Sarah are sent into Rip’s mind to try and repair the changes made by Eobard Thawne. Nate and Amaya decide to give fraternizing another try, but Ray warns Nate that Amaya has a destiny, and so do her descendants–he needs to be careful lest that get thrown off course. Sarah and Jax fight evil versions of themselves and the team, and work with the human embodiment of Gideon in Rip’s mind to get Rip to remember what’s real. He does, just in time to save them, and they all wake up safely in their own minds and he knows where they need to go for the last piece of the Spear of Destiny. Also, the Rip-Gideon ship has officially launched–Ripeon?

The battle for Rip’s mind was the biggest plot in the episode, and while it had some tried and true cliches for this sort of thing, I still really enjoyed the trip. The fight scenes were pretty good and everyone sold their parts with total sincerity, both good and bad versions, and the quipping on this show continues to hit just right. Sarah, Jax and Rip have all been solid this season, and having them go in was the right choice–but perhaps even moreso was making Gideon an actual physical character who played a very important role in all of this. Gideon has very much grown into being her own character vocally on the show since it began, and finally seeing her take physical form here was an excellent choice. The fact that Rip’s mind created her in this fashion, and that Eobard naturally never considered her someone at all, much less someone he needed to worry about, made perfect sense all around. Sarah and Jax could start to snap him out of the trap that his mind had become, but it follows that only Gideon, who has been with him the longest, would be able to help him take that last step to reclaiming his mind as his own. It’s her word he trusts on what’s real and what isn’t, and it’s her presence that lets him tear down the final walls of the prison that had been built.

And, yeah, let’s talk about that kiss! It was touching and strange and both a surprise and a long-time coming. I wasn’t quite sure if they were actually going to go there until they did. But hey, it’s a collapsing mindscape, so why not go for it while you can, right? But the real surprise is that Gideon the ship fondly remembers the kiss! I suppose this makes sense, it is equipment on the ship that was used to create the cognitive connection between Rip, Jax, and Sarah. So really, why shouldn’t Gideon be able to join them in there? And for that matter, since we’ve already clearly seen she has a personality, why shouldn’t she want to do so to get her Captain back? It does bring up questions of just how sentient and self-aware is Gideon really, has she always been that way, did this develop over time? Will we ever see her in physical form again? I don’t expect we’ll get answers to all of those things, maybe none of them, but for the first time, I think I might be shipping a character with a technically inanimate object. Anyone else?

The other characters were very accurately placed in their storylines as well. The trio of Amaya, Nate, and Ray being out in the wilderness lead to some fun moments, not just between the nascent couple, but Ray’s asides with Nate as well. After Ray’s own fate was a near thing in Camelot last week, complete with Nate trying to warn him using the illustrated storybook, it fits that Ray tries to do the same here since he has knowledge of Amaya’s family’s future–her talisman is already due to be passed down to her daughter and then her granddaughter, and Nate knows as well as the rest of them how dangerous an anomaly can be. Although since I can’t help noticing no one’s ever said who the father of Amaya’s child is, it’s of course entirely possible that could be none other than Nate himself. Also, while the boys posture about how to deal with an angry T-Rex, Amaya showing them up by using her powers to calm Gertrude down and handle the situation non-violently was boss.

Mick and Stein are once again a good odd couple match-up; this time, I feel as though their recent pairings have almost been leading to this one, though. They’ve spent enough time together now that Stein taking Mick’s advice about how he should be treating Jax feels natural; any sooner, and I think Stein would have ignored him or been more harsh about listening to him. As well, we’ve seen Jax mature quite a lot lately, with Mick and Stein near enough to take notice. Stein’s moment of telling Jax he does trust him later on, therefore, feels earned not just in this episode, but as part of an on-going arc for these characters.

The final scene of Captain Rip Hunter back in his duster and returning to the bridge was my favorite of the episode. All of the Legends being there to welcome him back was a nice sentimental touch, and he had a genuine moment and exchange with each of them. Even formally introducing himself to the newbies, Nate and Amaya, felt natural and right. It was a good way to truly mark Rip’s return to form. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed having him here!

Other Things:
– Quotes!
— “God, I’m a bitch in Rip’s mind!”
— “Evil Ray, Evil Stein.” “Evil Mick. …I guess that’s just regular Mick, but still.”
— “One egg made me, like, seventy omelets! I regret nothing!”
— “Looks like we’re gonna have to kick our own asses.”
— These two were lengthy enough that I didn’t jot them down, but Rip’s lines to Gideon both just before kissing her and then when they both admitted to liking it were also good ones.
– I guess we know why they’ve been avoiding showing Firestorm lately. Ouch. Dark Firestorm was not their best CGI work ever!
– Ray making little dolls of the Legends was adorkable. As is his naming a T-Rex Gertrude.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another good entry into Legends of Tomorrow Season 2! The battle for Rip's mind was enjoyable and with a perfect twist with the addition of Gideon as a physical character in said fight. All told, the team of Gideon, Sarah, and Jax is the perfect group to remind Rip Hunter of who he really is and pull him back into the real world. The side story with Amaya and Nate deciding to give a relationship a chance was cute and endearing, and Ray's sincere concern in trying to warn Nate was as well. It fits the brotherly dynamic between the two of them very well. Likewise, the build-up from recent episodes of Mick giving Stein advice that he actually takes to heart works here, too.