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Lex Luthor Cut From Justice League, Joker Script Almost Finished And More DCEU News

September 21, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Justice League

It’s a big day for DCEU news, as three stories broke about the same time about future projects.

The first is that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will not appear in Justice League. There had been rumors that the character was cut, and an early screening of the film confirmed the news. Batman news site Batman-News.com was part of that screening. They report:

The character received a negative reaction from fans in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. With a film that was already bloated with characters, that could be why Luthor was ultimately left in the jail cell Batman visited him in during the last film. Justice League debuts on November 17.

Meanwhile, it’s possible the upcoming origin film for The Joker could start filming as soon as next year. Variety‘s Justin Kroll revealed that the script is almost complete and will be turned in next week. He wrote:

That film is being written by Todd Phillips (who will direct) and Scott Silver. Phillips will also produce with Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio is being considered to play the titular clown. It is expected the film will be set in the 80s and not part of the regular DCEU continuity.

Finally, in a Deadline story about Gal Gadot joining the cast of Deeper, it was revealed that the actress is set to reprise her role of Wonder Woman in Flashpoint. Coming Soon adds that the film was originally set to be a buddy movie with The Flash and Cyborg before the Cyborg solo film was scrapped. Robert Zemeckis and the team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are in consideration to direct, with Zemeckis as the frontrunner.