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Ludi Lin Shares Mortal Kombat Liu Kang Fight Rehearsal Video

December 11, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Liu Kang Mortal Kombat

Ludi Lin is set to play Liu Kang in the upcoming Mortal Kombat, and the actor shared a video of his latest fight rehearsal for the film. You can see Lin’s “Kicking Monday” video below, which appears to have him fighting a character with two hooked swords.

The logical speculation due to the weapons is that this would be Kabal, the former member of Kano’s crime syndicate whose experience in Outworld turned him into a force for good. That said, it’s important to note that, at least as of now, there’s been no word on Kabal being in the film. It’s entirely possible that the character could be kept under wraps at the moment, or it could be an original character or nameless bad guy.

Lin co-stars in the rated-R reboot with Hiroyuki Sanada (Scorpion), Chin Han (Shang Tsun), Joe Taslim (Sub-Zero), Jessica McNamee (Sonya Blade), Josh Lawson (Kano), Mehcad Brooks (Jax), Tadanobu Asano (Raiden), Elissa Cadwell (Nitara), Sisi Stringer (Mileena), and Lewis Tan. Simon McQuoid is directing from a script by Greg Russo. The film will release on January 15th, 2021.

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