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Marvel Reveals Loki Was Being Controlled by Mind Stone in The Avengers

December 28, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Tom Hiddleston Loki Marvel

Loki’s actions during The Avengers were not entirely his own, as it turned out. A biography for the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the character on has revealed that Loki was under the influence ofd the Mind Stone when he led the Chitauri on their invasion of Earth, which culminated in the Battle of New York.

The in-depth biography for the character notes that after the events of Thor, “Loki met the Other, ruler of the ancient race of extraterrestrials the Chitauri, and Thanos. Offering the God of Mischief dominion over his brother’s favorite realm Earth, Thanos requested the Tesseract in return. Gifted with a Scepter that acted as a mind control device, Loki would be able to influence others. Unbeknownst to him, the Scepter was also influencing him, fueling his hatred over his brother Thor and the inhabitants of Earth.”

The details add new context to Loki’s actions, framing it as an act more akin to his betrayal in Thor than a sudden turn into full villainy. Tom Hiddleston is set to return to the role of Loki in his own limited series on Disney+ in 2019.