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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.22 Review – ‘World’s End’

May 17, 2017 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher
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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.22 Review – ‘World’s End’  

Previously on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Coulson and May encounter the new Ivanov, who has multiple robotic bodies and a plan to drown them in his base below a Russian oil rig. While Yo-Yo, Daisy, Simmons, and May’s team manage to locate the rig and save Coulson, May, and Mack’s body and fend off Aida/Ophelia, who has at least three Inhuman abilities, Yo-Yo takes advantage of the confusion to strap herself into the Framework to try to persuade Mack to come back out. Also, Daisy and Talbot face off over Talbot’s belief that she again went rogue, destroying SHIELD headquarters and killing Mace, and Ghost Rider returned through the damaged remnants of the machine that his uncle built using the Darkhold.

Season 4, Episode 22: ‘World’s End’

The Recap

Robbie Reyes starts his car and revs the engine before pulling out of his garage. Aboard Zephyr One, May and Coulson discuss strategy to avoid Aida and May tells him that he has to tell her what happened to their bottle of scotch. Fitz and Simmons talk about what happened in the Framework, and how he was responsible for Aida extracting pre-Terrigenesis DNA from Inhumans and putting it into her body. Simmons reassures Fitz that he isn’t the man in the Framework and asks if he wants to kill Aida. He doesn’t answer and she gets an alert that sends her running.

Coulson and Daisy talk about Mack and Yo-Yo when Simmons comes in to see if they’ve seen the alert. Inside the Framework, Yo-Yo screams for help, but the first person to come to her pulls a gun on her and looks to fire until Radcliffe dispatches him. He explains to Yo-Yo that he kept finding little balls all over the place that led him to her, and Yo-Yo surmises that it was Daisy’s way of helping her. She asks Radcliffe to take her to Mack, but Radcliffe says it’s probably too late, since Aida is shutting down the Framework.

Aida grabs Ivanov by the throat and he mocks her. She threatens him and then says that she wants SHIELD to suffer, especially Fitz. Robbie Reyes arrives at their location as they load up a truck and he says he’s come for the Darkhold. Ivanov and his robotic goons gain the advantage on Robbie, but when Aida goes after the Darkhold, he produces his flaming chain and jerks her hand away, leaving actual damage on her arm. He puts the chain through one of Ivanov’s henchmen’s head and Aida blasts him with an electrical blast that simply turns him fully into Ghost Rider. He whips his chain at her, but she teleports out of harm’s way before he can connect.

Coulson asks how long until the Framework is completely gone and Simmons tells him between twelve and twenty hours and they worry that Mack and Yo-Yo might not make it until the end but that Daisy and Fitz are trying to figure out how to help them. Coulson gets a call from Talbot and he says that there won’t be a SHIELD now that intelligence agencies know that Mace wasn’t an Inhuman and they want to know what else SHIELD lied about. Talbot says that Coulson or one of his trusted people has to be at the inquiry and Coulson says it can’t happen because he and his team are Aida’s top target.

Daisy and Robbie catch up while Aida angrily wonders why her wound won’t heal. Ivanov explains that the Ghost Rider is from the same source that created her body. Robbie confirms the same thing to Coulson and Daisy and explains that earth is one territory in a war that’s going on forever and that the demon inside him hates Aida worse than he’s ever hated anything. May comes in carrying one of the heads of the LMDs Robbie dispatched. They say they’re going to figure out who he was using facial recognition, while another version of him gets dressed with Ivanov, who vows to recreate the other world to make Aida happy.

In the Framework, Radcliffe leads Yo-Yo to Mack, who is leading an evacuation. She talks with Hope and she and Mack share a look, but Mack has no recollection of who he is, much to Yo-Yo’s chagrin. She vows to Radcliffe that when she sees Mack again, she’ll make him remember.

May found out that the head belonged to a Russian intelligence agent who is going to the SHIELD inquiry and bringing Ivanov with him. Coulson says that he’s tried to get ahold of Talbot with no luck. In the inquiry, Ivanov claims that SHIELD is breeding Inhumans and says that the Darkhold contains a plan to combat them. They hear gunshots from outside and Daisy bursts in, much to Talbot’s relief. He asks if she’s brought Coulson, but she instead shoots him in the head.

Coulson, the team, and Ghost Rider follow the fake Daisy into the inquiry, where they open fire on Ivanov and his LMD associate. Talbot still has a pulse and they stabilize him as Daisy stands face-to-face with her LMD and Aida. Before Aida can sic the LMD on Daisy, Robbie destroys it with his chain, but again Aida is able to escape. Coulson and May look after Talbot as a Naval officer vows that they won’t get away with the attack on Talbot. Coulson has to pull his weapon on a pair of servicemen who try to stop him at the Naval officer’s request, and he and May leave the room. Ivanov and his associate attack Robbie and Daisy, but Daisy and Robbie are able to take them out, only for Coulson to get upset that they missed Daisy and Robbie working together.

Aboard Zephyr One, Coulson and May talk about Aida’s plan, which is to use “Daisy”’s attempted assassination of Talbot to make people scared of Inhumans and ruin SHIELD. Coulson asks Robbie if he can dispatch Aida and he starts to formulate a plan. FitzSimmons come in to tell him that the plane doesn’t have enough power to protect Mack and Yo-Yo in the Framework, so Coulson suggests going home. The team are against it, but Coulson insists that they need to fight the fight on their home turf.

In the Framework, Mack and his refugees sit in traffic. Elena says she’ll make Mack change his mind, but when she talks to him, he doesn’t remember her. She tells him about Daisy and Coulson being safe on the other side, and when Mack says that he’s just trying to get people to safety and he doesn’t have time, and she says she knows that he knows the end of the Framework is coming. She explains that she didn’t want to take anything away from him, but she wanted to try to make him remember the life and the love that they shared. Before she can finish talking, the bridge they were waiting to cross disappears, and then everyone on the bus save for Mack, Yo-Yo, Hope, and Radcliffe. Hope says she’s scared and Mack says they’re going home.

May says it’s a terrible plan and Coulson says robot May was more supportive. She doesn’t want to have a talk, but maybe they should, because she doesn’t know how things will play out. Robbie tells Daisy about where the other planet/dimension he came from was like, with Ghost Rider in control and fighting and killing. They agree that it’s good that he’s here now and Daisy explains that while she put another backdoor in the Framework, she can’t force them to use it. Elsewhere, FitzSimmons barricade themselves in and Fitz asks if she locked the door. She says that she did and asks what he thinks she is, and Aida teleports in and says that she thinks Simmons is dead.

Mack consoles Hope while Radcliffe and Elena try to work out Mack’s decision to stay behind. Yo-Yo says she’ll drag him out, but Radcliffe says that she won’t because he would never forgive her for taking him or himself for abandoning his daughter. She says that if he dies here, he’ll die in the real world and she’ll lose him forever for a girl who doesn’t even exist. Hope overhears her and looks shocked.

Fitz tries to talk sense into Aida, but Simmons keeps goading her on. When Aida turns her attention back to Fitz, Simmons tries to attack her, but Aida easily thwarts it and makes Simmons stab herself in the chest. She tells Fitz to beg her to let Simmons live. Elsewhere, Coulson fills May in on what she missed and they agree that if they make it out of this, they will take a step back and start over. Fitz finally gets through to Aida by offering her the Darkhold, and when it looks like Aida is going to let Simmons go, she instead sends electricity through the knife and into Simmons’ chest, stopping her heart. She slams Fitz against some monitors and says that there’s nothing Fitz can do to stop her.

Aida teleports into the room where Coulson is setting up the portal, and she gloats about how he can’t stop her. He says that she hasn’t been human long enough to understand teamwork and Simmons shoots her repeatedly with an automatic weapon. Fitz walks away from the electrocuted Simmons LMD as Aida says that Simmons’ weapon can’t stop her. Simmons admits that she knew that but she wanted to do it anyway. As Aida advances on Simmons, Coulson grabs her and she says he can’t stop her, but Coulson says that “he” can, before his head bursts into flames, revealing Ghost Rider’s skull. Aida tries to blast Coulson Rider with electricity, but it does no good. She teleports out and continues teleporting, but the Rider has his chain wrapped around her and when she finally teleports back to SHIELD headquarters, he burns her and destroys her.

In the Framework, Hope tells Mack what Elena said and Mack confronts her. She says that she doesn’t want to lose him. More things disappear and Elena tries to get Mack to leave again, but he says the only person he cares about is here. She sits down on the couch beside Mack and Hope and says that she’s not leaving either. Hope cries and says she wants to be real and Mack hugs her until she blinks out of existence. Elena comforts him and Daisy panics as a single tear rolls out of the real Mack’s eye. Elena wakes up and tries to wake Mack up, but he doesn’t stir. Just as she gives up hope, he takes a deep breath and wakes up, much to Daisy’s relief and Elena’s delight.

Coulson and Robbie talk about Ghost Rider and Coulson says that he won’t tell the others about the deal that he made with Ghost Rider. He says that he’ll tell them when it’s time. Elena says that when she saw him with Hope, she didn’t want to bring him back. She apologizes for trying to pull him away, and Mack says that there’s no need to apologize. He says the life he had as a father will always be a part of him but they also showed him a life that he could have in the real world, with Elena. They share a kiss and an embrace. Coulson gives Robbie the Darkhold and he asks Daisy to take care of his brother before making a portal with his chain. He tells Coulson that he doesn’t envy him and Coulson says he was going to say the same thing to him. Robbie nods to Daisy before going through the portal.

Mack says they picked up chatter, that Talbot is alive, and that authorities are coming to headquarters. Fitz tells them to leave, and Coulson says they’ll all go, but Fitz says they need to leave and he’ll take the full blame for everything that happened. Daisy says that they were all in the Framework together and while it might take time to forgive himself, there’s nothing for him to apologize for. May says they’ll take their share of the blame together, and Simmons says she’s in. Coulson says that they might get locked up and he wouldn’t mind getting a bite to eat before that happens.

Radcliffe sits on a beach and watches the sunset, talking about how immortality may have eluded him, but he doesn’t want eternity without Agnes. He starts the quote “not with a bang” before blinking out of existence, while elsewhere, the team enjoys a dinner together until the lights all go out. May says here they go, and they all raise their hands as a team comes in to take them captive. The leader produces an object and says the window closes in two minutes and orders his men to take them.

Coulson wakes up in a cell and puts on his boots. He flips some switches and opens a window, revealing asteroids. He says that’s enough sightseeing and it’s time to get back to work and he walks out of the door of what was apparently not a cell at all. The show closes with a word of thanks for the recently deceased Powers Boothe and we get the voiceover teaser for Inhumans that premiered online last week.

The Review

Since it’s the freshest thing in my mind, my condolences to Powers Boothe’s family and friends. He was a tremendous addition to the show during his run, and that was merely a single chapter in an illustrious career. Sadly, the last couple of months have been rough for the SHIELD family, as they’ve lost the big bads from both seasons one and three.

As for the episode itself, this was a very solid episode, which is pretty much par for the course for this show; however, and I never thought I would say this, especially with the show moving to ten pm, I think it could’ve benefited from a two-hour finale. Maybe the last two seasons have spoiled me, but it really felt like they tried to pack too much into this episode. Nothing was outright bad, thankfully, but I think a couple of scenes (mainly the fight scenes) could’ve been even better had they been given more time. The Quake and Ghost Rider team-up was awesome, but I think it would’ve been better if they had given it more time. We’ve seen Daisy in some pretty outstanding extended fight sequences in the past, so seeing this truncated one was somewhat of a disappointment. I understand that fire effects eat up the show’s budget pretty quickly, but between that scene and the way too short Coulson Rider vs Aida scene, that was the major area that this episode felt like it was lacking.

That said, the resolution of the LMD/Agents of Hydra storyline was satisfying, even if what should’ve been the big payoff action scene felt truncated. The story beats prompted the correct emotional response, from me at least, and the team’s final moments of solidarity, both at headquarters and when they go to get some food, felt hard-fought and well-earned, especially the team rallying around Fitz in his greatest moment of doubt. Each member of the team, with the possible exceptions of Mack and maybe Gemma, depending on how you feel about falling for an astronaut on a foreign planet, has done some questionable things in the past, so them doing their best to bolster Fitz and repair the camaraderie of the team in the process just made sense.

I was also relieved that Talbot survived LMDaisy’s assassination attempt, as Adrian Pasdar proved yet again that he’s probably the best guest star this show has had, simply for his interactions with Clark Gregg’s Coulson. The exchange about Aida and how to put her in his report was tremendous, as was the callback when Coulson said it was impossible for SHIELD to defend themselves at the inquiry. The humor was greatly appreciated in an episode that dealt with a lot of heavier themes.

Also, I’ll admit that I should’ve seen the LMD Simmons twist coming, but it was played so well by Iain de Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Mallory Jansen that I never suspected that Simmons was an LMD until Aida turned around after being shot and revealed Simmons holding an automatic weapon. And speaking of the surprises in that scene, I still think Mack Rider was cooler than Coulson Rider, but that’s just me. I also feel like while Gabriel Luna’s Robbie Reyes was in this episode a lot more than Ghost Rider, he didn’t get the same chance to shine as he did earlier in the season. Aside from sharing some exposition and some light flirting with Daisy, Reyes didn’t do much in this episode, and that’s a shame. At the very least, after months away fighting on a different planet, he should’ve checked in on his brother, though I can see why he wouldn’t want Gabe to know he was alive if he was just leaving for that planet again.

Henry Simmons turned in another outstanding performance as Mack, and again, I’m sure it’s at least partially my dad bias, but when Hope blinked out of existence in the Framework, for as much as I was happy that Mack was going to survive, I could really feel for his loss as well.

Without trying to sound too negative, I think this was probably the weakest of this show’s four season finales, but considering the company it finds itself in, that’s hardly the worst thing in the world. It was still a very good episode, but I also think it suffered from just how good the last month of episodes leading up to this one were. Which, if season one’s finale hadn’t been so good after a similarly excellent run-up, might not have been so noticeable. But all things considered, this was still an enjoyable addition to the MAoS canon, and I look forward to seeing what AAAAAGGGGGEEEEENNNNNNTTTTTTSSSSS in SSSSSSSPPPPPPPAAAAAAACCCCCEEEE brings.

And finally, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that, if ABC does in fact move SHIELD to Fridays, this will be the final episode that I will be reviewing for 411. As many of you probably know, I travel a lot for work, and I promised my wife over a year ago that I would not do anything 411-related on my weekends with my family. That’s a promise that I’m not willing to break, so while I’ll still be watching and commenting on the reviews, there’s a strong possibility I’ll be passing the torch to someone else next season. It’s been an amazing journey with all of you, and hopefully something changes between now and midseason 2017 so that SHIELD stays on Tuesdays, but as I write this, next week’s Roundtable will likely be my last hurrah as 411’s Agents of SHIELD reviewer. And, as always, if anyone would like to participate in the Roundtable, shoot me an email – there’s a link in my byline for this review.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
‘World’s End’ was a typically strong season finale for a show that has knocked it out of the park in each of its first three seasons, but some pacing problems and perhaps even a lack of time caused it to fall just short of the bar set by its three predecessors. Some excellent performances ensured that season four went out with a bang. Coulson and company won’t be back until very late in 2017 or early in 2018, but they went out with a bang and fans of the series will likely find themselves anxiously waiting for the show’s return.