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Marvel’s MU Is Finally Revealed

September 7, 2016 | Posted by Steve Gustafson

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Now, on with the show!

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Last week we shared our Thoughts on Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Relaunch! Here’s what you all had to say:

Jeremy Thomas: “I just can’t at this point.

I fully acknowledge, to be fair, that I’m one of those guys who hates Liefeld’s work. He had some success in the 1990s because that was a different time, but even then I hated his art and his writing just spiralled downhill when he left for Image. He’s never gotten out of that stage of his career and his New 52 runs on Hawk & Dove, Grifter and Deathstroke were nearly unreadable. Basically, he’s the Vince Russo of the comic book industry as far as I’m concerned.

What’s more, even with three issues already done I have doubts whether this will last more than five or six issues before either delays hit or he walks away from it, because that’s what he traditionally does. Liefeld is in that rare category with me that Scott Lobdell and Ann Nocenti lie in, where I am simply unable to hope for anything approaching quality from them anymore. Although I do like the redesign art up there.”

Cami: “Wait a minute, that whole team only has ONE pouch and at least eight feet!”

Ken Wood: “What does this make, the tenth freaking reboot of this series? I’d personally rather see anything from Wild Storm. Wildcats, Gen 13, DV8…”

James Donnelly: “It’s a nostalgia act. Image is consistently putting out the best titles in comics right now, but they might not be setting the sales charts on fire, so go back to one of the big sellers. Every publisher goes through this phase. But as always, the less that Liefeld has to do with it, the better. And what’s with Vogue’s legs in that character sketch? She either has Mr. Fantastic-esque abilities or she needs to get to a doctor immediately.”

KickPuncher aka The Endgame: “Excited about the Youngblood relaunch? No.
Excited about Rob Liefeld being involved? Oh HELL NO!!!

As long as Liefeld isn’t involved in Youngblood directly, or in any of the title’s day-to-day operations, the book has a chance to succeed. This guy is long on verbiage, short on substance. For him to say that writers and artists weren’t available is the reason there were only 80 issues of Youngblood in 25 years is a hot barrel of monkey crap.

His mentioning solicitations (and a three month/issue window) is keeping me away from the start of the series. Since he brought up a certain number of issues that will be ‘in the can’ BEFORE starting solicitations, I will too. There should be at least EIGHT issues completed by April 2017. Anything less will be a sure sign of problems and that book will not last a year.

I’ve already thrown enough money away hoping for the completion/conclusion of Rob Liefeld’s half-hearted efforts. I don’t feel like starting over, again.”

Nikki X: “No Alan Moore, no buy.”

cheesus rice: “The speculator boom started a lot sooner than that. Youngblood 1 was early 1992 Todd Mcfarlanes Spiderman was summer 1990 and Jim Lee’s x men number 1 was summer 1991. Both titles came out way before image was even a thing. [ maybe not way before] Getting to the great pretender though I just dont think he can commit to a whole series. how many times has Rob Liefeld said he had a new series coming out only to be years late between issues if they even came out at all.”

As always, thanks for the comments!

This week we tackle…

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Marvel’s MU Finally Revealed!

You don’t have to wait very long to read a headline about a mysterious new project from Marvel or DC. One of the most recent ones was the “MU” ad running all over. Very vague and caused plenty of discussion on what it could mean. Some took it as another reset for the Marvel Universe.

Turns out the whole mystery around the “MU” project was revealed to be a new title, Monsters Unleashed.

My first reaction was, “Eh.” But the more I thought about it the more interested I got.

No details on the series beyond the title and its logo were revealed, but the name has history in the Marvel universe. The name Monsters Unleashed comes from a black-and-white horror magazine Marvel published in the mid-1970s, with stories about Man-Thing, Frankenstein’s Monster, and others.

What got me excited was hoping it ties in the Legion Of Monsters in some form. The first version appeared in 1976 and consisted of:

Ghost Rider – Leader
Morbius, the Living Vampire
Werewolf by Night

A new version of the Legion of Monsters was formed by Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night, and Man-Thing in 2010. Besides those three, FrankenCastle (A Frankenstein version of Punisher), Manphibian, N’Kantu, the Living Mummy, and Satana joined in the action.

Marvel has a rich cast of monsters in their archive, a number of which are due for some sort of revival. In fact, I’ve been saying for years that with the right launch, monsters could be big business for Marvel comics AND the cinematic universe. I’m all for magic and sorcery but I’d really go for some It, the Living Colossus, Fin Fang Foom, or even Bombu! For movies, you can use the Marvel rub to launch something different yet familiar.

Will Monsters Unleashed lead to any of that? Doubtful. But if it opens the doors for some well written and entertaining stories, I’m all in.

Monsters Unleashed is scheduled to begin in January 2017. What Marvel monster is your favorite or one you would like to see in a book?

I’m holding my breath for the return of Victor Avery, the Midnight Monster!

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That’s all the time I have. Check out our Comic Book Reviews tomorrow and see you next week!