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Max Landis Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Multiple People

December 22, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Max Landis

Max Landis, the writer of Netflix’s Bright and the famous “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” video, has been accused of sexual misconduct. Anna Akana, who played the role of Batista in “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling,” got the news trending when she replied to a tweet from Netflix about Bright that read, “Written by a psychopath who sexually abused and assaults women, right? Cool.”

Akana’s comments have brought attention to a post made by comedienne and MAD Magazine Editor Allie Goertz, who posted back in November that she “can’t imagine who is more scared in a post-Weinstein world than a famous director’s son.” She said yesterday that she has been interviewed by multiple publications and given on the record comments to them, saying that “from what I can tell, each place is taking the story very seriously.” After Akana tweeted her support to Goertz, she replied, “Thank you, Anna! My experience was minute (yet coloring) in comparison to the other women I know who came forward. I hope their stories are published so we can stop him. Your support is huge to the cause.”

No one has come out with publicized specific allegations at this point. That said, Goertz and Akana’s comments have come at the same point as several prominent comedians and writers who have spoken out about Landis. including former SNL contributor Mike Drucker, Jake Weisman of Comedy Central’s upcoming series Corporate, and Upright Citizen’s Brigade member Siobhan Thompson. You can see the posts below.

Landis himself has yet to comment on the allegations. He previously came under criticism in 2003 for acknowledging in an interview that he was emotionally abusive, saying, “I cheated on a girl who I also gave a crippling social anxiety, self-loathing, body dismorphia, eating disorder to. I mean, you can’t really give someone any of these things, but the seeds of these things were there inside of her…the actual relationship was very nice and loving, but I was so fickle about her body. I’m not shy, I would just blurt out shit all the time. She ended up completely changing how she dressed and how she looked for me. That chick will never talk to me again.”

In addition to Bright, Landis wrote the scripts for superhero found-footage film Chronicle, stoner action-comedy American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein. He most recently served as the creator and showrunner on BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which the network cancelled this week two days after its season two finale.

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