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Michael B. Jordan Comments on Reports He’s Met With DC Over Superman Role

December 26, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Michael B. Jordan Superman

Michael B. Jordan was recently reported to have met with DC for a pitch on his vision of a Superman film, and he’s spoken out about those reports. The news came from a report back in November that DC was looking to ramp up their film slate and had met with Jordan among others about a possible revamp of Superman.

Speaking with MTV News, Jordan made note of the fact that he’s been rumored for a ton of films that didn’t work out, though he notably didn’t say that he didn’t have such a meeting as reported.

“Honestly, I’ve been rumored to play Morpheus, to Superman, to Duck Tales reboot, to Power Rangers, and everything in between,” he said. “So it’s like, I’m kinda used to rumors that I’m playing something. But, anything that I do dive in to has gotta be done the right way. It has to be full of authenticity.”

He continued, “I’m a fan of comic books, you know? I understand, you know, the fans being upset at, ‘Oh no, why are they changing this and why are they changing that?’ I would feel the same way about certain things. So just know, if I ever were to dabble in anything, it would be authentic and something I feel like people would really support.”

DC has been busy rebuilding its schedule of films, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman sequels on the way as well as The Batman, Birds of Prey and more. There’s no confirmation on whether a new take on Superman is on the way.