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Ming-Na Wen Says Agents of SHIELD Midseason Finale Has a Great Cliffhanger

December 8, 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Ming-Na Wen spoke with IGN about tomorrow’s midseason finale of Agents of SHIELD and more. Check out the highlights:

On whether things come to a head with their enemies in the episode: “Yeah, because it is the midseason finale and then we’ll be off the air for about two and a half months. We want to make it a great cliffhanger. We’ve got Whitehall’s team trying to find this alien city and Coulson’s team is trying to get there first. So there’s a race between the two factions.”

On dealing with the dynamic shift from last season: “It has been such a challenging, exciting season. I think we definitely have evolved ourselves. The characters have evolved and the storytelling style of our show… I believe that it’s becoming so much more exciting and intriguing. I love it. I love the fact that i get to play two different characters right now between Agent May and Agent 33 and seeing how everybody’s choices in their characters affect the rest of the team. And the team is always evolving and I’m loving that the audience is right there with us. We have such a smart audience. It seems like, especially the Marvel fans, they’re just loving the serialized version of our show.”

On the fight scene between May and Agent 33: “It was so much fun. Clark [Gregg] texted me, like, “They’re going nuts over here!” When I was told by the producers that there’s going to be a May on May fight I got all giddy because I’ve always wanted to play a twin. It was on my bucket list. And then once I got the script, I started sweating bullets. It was just like, oh goodness, that’s a lot of undertaking. Because it wasn’t even just a fight scene. It had to deal with Coulson and May being able to ballroom dance and going undercover and May becoming this other person in disguise. it was just the most fun, challenging episode and I’m so happy that the fans love it.”

On if Agent 33 will factor into this week’s episode: “She is definitely under… You have to really feel sorry for Agent 33 because not only did she lose her face, she lost her will, really. I mean she is completely controlled by Whitehall and he’s done some other stuff to her. She was a very competent, strong SHIELD agent and has been completely brainwashed into sort of idolizing and worshipping Whitehall and willing to do his every bidding. It’s sort of a sad character for me to portray because she’s so opposite from May. May is so confident and knows exactly what she needs to do and can get the job done based on her own opinions and with Agent 33, not only is she disfigured, not only doesn’t she have her face anymore, she doesn’t have her identity anymore. So whether she shows up for the midseason finale, that’s anyone’s guess right now. I do hope she comes back often, because I think it’ll be interesting to see how her character gets resolved or how her character evolves down the line.”

On what May makes of the dynamic between Skye, Coulson and the Doctor: “Well I think for May, her first priority is always for Coulson. To make sure that he’s okay and to make sure that he remains stable because there’s always that looming in the back of her mind that he could snap at any moment depending on how this alien blood GH.325 is going to be effecting him the way it effected Garrett and all these other people. She knows his love for Skye, as a paternal figure, is very strong and I think over this time period she’s really learned to respect and care for Skye herself. I don’t know if it’s on a maternal level but definitely on the level of being her S.O. and they know that the Doctor will only do her harm. So for May, she now I guess is kind of like the tiger mom or the big momma bear. She wants to protect her family.”