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Modern Family Review – 4.11 ‘New Year’s Eve’

January 9, 2013 | Posted by Michael Adams
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Modern Family Review – 4.11 ‘New Year’s Eve’  

The Adults
Jay takes Phil, Claire, Mitchell and Cameron to Palm Springs to spend New Year’s Eve at a hotel he used to frequent…in the 70’s. However, when they all arrive it isn’t as Jay remembers it, but he’s still going to make sure that his family has a great New Years. The kids have other intentions though. Claire and Phil are looking for some time to themselves to get…reacquainted, while Mitchell and Cam plan on heading to a club that Pepper goes to in the area. They create their plans to get sick during dinner and sneak away. While at dinner though, Gloria creates the perfect diversion for them to leave; she falls asleep. When Jay takes her upstairs everyone ditches him, leaving Jay alone. Just as Jay thinks he’s going to be ringing in the New Year alone, the owner of the hotel invites Jay to play poker with her and Billy Dee Williams! Gloria interrupts the game because Jay needs to get her grapes, and Billy Dee comes to his rescue. He takes the Pritchetts for some grapes, plus some fireworks to start off the New Year!

At the advice of the bellboy, Phil and Claire sneak off to a hot spring to rekindle their romance. While sitting in the water waiting for midnight, Phil and Claire are startled by a group of people, including Robby the bellboy, who are there to celebrate “Nude Year’s Eve”. Phil, never one to disappoint, doesn’t want to leave because that would be rude, so Phil and Claire celebrate their New Year with nudists.

The club that Mitchell and Cam go to is far too “young” for them and they aren’t noticed by anyone because they’re 30. They finally find a club that makes Mitchell happy, a club for older gay men, making Cam and Mitchell the young ones…and they love it!

The Kids
While the adults are in Palm Springs, Haley and Alex are left in charge of the kids. Luke invites some girls over for a double date with Manny. Manny, who is always trying to impress the ladies, goes out of this way to make his date feel special, but she’s not having it and he tells her off. Luke, on the other hand, heads up to his room with his date so that they can make out. Alex and Haley have no idea how to handle this. Haley eventually tells the girl that she’ll have to let her mother know that Phil and Claire are gone, and the girl leaves. Turns out Haley and Alex aren’t ready for their little brother to grow up.

This Week’s Top Quotes…
Phil: Haley, it’s New Year’s Ever, are you sure you don’t want to go to a party or something?
Haley: And listen to all my friends talk about how awesome college is? I know how awesome college is; that’s what got me kicked out.

Jay: I checked the website, the pictures looked beautiful.
Phil: Never trust pictures on the internet. Shoot it from the right angle and you can make anything look bigger and better.
Mitchell: Ohhhh
Claire: Houses, you pervs! He’s a realtor.

Jay: How’s your chicken kiev.
Cam: It’s really good!
Claire: Tasty.
Phil: Tastes like Russia.

Jay: Billy Dee is an alderman trying to keep Diana Ross in Chicago rather then become an international model and designer. My son made me watch it with him….he’s gay.
Billy Dee: Oh good. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you.

Claire: Day after Thanksgiving. I remember because I came in under budget on all of my Christmas gifts and you know how that gets me going.
Phil: Oh yea. I made that joke about your clothes being half-off.
Claire: And yet we still did it!

Gloria: I have been in love with this car my whole life! In my village, if you didn’t drive one of these, you couldn’t call yourself a drug lord.
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Character of the Week…Luke. They didn’t show the kids too much in this episode, but man, I didn’t expect to see this side of Luke….ever! For such a dumb kid, he impresses me so much.

The 411: Boy, this episode really put New Year's Eve into perspective for me. You do everything you can to make it an amazing night, with amazing people, because in reality it's another year gone. Really makes you think...and really makes me want to get started on plans for next New Year's Eve. I've had my fare share of "interesting" New Year's Eves; celebrating in an empty restaurant on NYC, sitting at home waiting for a baby to come, and most recently, dropping $200 upfront on dinner only to have my wife get sick and watch the ball drop in bed and miss the open bar. These things happen though. Although it's 10 days late, the Modern Family New Year's Eve, showed NYE from every point of view, romantic, unexpected, spontaneous, quiet/alone, and I thought each story was nicely done, but the episode as a whole was just alright. It was funny at times, as the show always is, but it wasn't too memorable. I actually find it weird that they did a New Years episode. Based upon the previews and news about the show, they are setting us up for a huge remainder of the season, and I'm looking forward to what they've got planned.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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