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Modern Family Review – 4.13 ‘Fulgencio’

January 23, 2013 | Posted by Michael Adams
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Modern Family Review – 4.13 ‘Fulgencio’  

The Dunphy Family
The baby is here, and Phil and Claire have been chosen as it’s godparents, which Phil is taking very literally. However, before they head to church, they have some problems to take care of. The kids are going through some issues, and are in need of Claire’s help. But with Claire no where to be found, Phil is their only hope. Phil gives the kids his advice, and when that doesn’t help, Phil takes it upon him self to solve the problems. When the kids learn what Phil has done, he enlists the help of his consigliere, Luke. Later that day, while Phil and Claire were becoming the baby’s godparents, Luke was off taking care of Phil’s business and solving his kid’s problems.

I LOVED this storyline! It was absolutely hilarious, especially if you’re familiar with The Godfather. That final montage of Luke fixing all of Phil’s problems was amazing! And the zebra head in Ruben’s bed? Priceless. Lots of Godfather referencing in primetime this season, first The Office and now this? I love it. Especially when your Godfather is Phil Dunphy!

The Pritchett Family
The baby is here, and so are the in-laws. Gloria’s mother and sister are in town for the baby’s christening, and Jay is less than thrilled, especially because Gloria’s mother is under the impressions that the baby will be named after Gloria’s father, Fulgencio. When Jay goes to tell Pilar the truth about the name, she lets him know that she’s never really liked him. It is at this point that Jay comes to the frightening realization that he’s…Phil. At the church, Jay smoothes things over with Gloria’s mother, and chooses on the name for the baby…Fulgencio.

I thought this was pretty good, and realize now why they didn’t reveal the name last week when the baby was born. You definitely needed a full episode to get people used to the baby being named Fulgencio. Not a lot of Manny in this episode but when we did see him tonight, I liked him. I realize that I didn’t include Gloria’s storyline in the above, but it wasn’t really worth mentioning as it had nothing to do with the progress of the episode. Bottom line is, she and her sister have a rocky relationship, but they’re working on it.

The Tucker-Pritchett Family
Lily is picking up some new phrases and Mitchell and Cam are worried that they are influencing her. To make sure that she stays on her best behavior, the dads swear off saying bad things about people. This plan soon backfires when the run into their friend, Crispin. Crispin tries to get them to talk poorly about a mutual friend of theirs in front of Lily, and when Mitchell and Cam refuse to talk, Crispin un-invites them to his big party. At church, while trying to figure out the next step, they hear Claire using one of Lily’s new phrases and realize it was her all along.

Listen, I like Lily. She’s funny in moderation and she’s a cute little kid, but when they make her a major part of a story line, it kind of tanks. I didn’t really like the Tucker-Pritchett part of tonight’s episode and thought they could have been used a little better.

This Week’s Top Quotes…
Jay: Fulgencio Umberto, the initials are F.U. Pritchett. Which is exactly the way it feels right now.

Phil: Is there some kind of dress-code for godparents?
Claire: You’re not wearing a fedora, Phil. Can you pick up the dry cleaning?
Phil: (ala Don Corleone)That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.
Claire: Yea, we’re not doing that.

Sonia: I’m going to go do the laundry.
Gloria: Ok, Sonia. I love you so much.
Claire: Wow, pretty cozy with the new housekeeper, huh?
Gloria: She’s my sister.

Jay: Before we dunk the kid, do you mind if a make a few casual remarks?

Jay: I’d like to tell the story of how I came to meet my incredible wife, because up until the birth of this child, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Claire: (to Mitchell) That feels good, huh?

Jay: (referencing Manny) But he’s not going to become a priest because he likes girls. Can’t get ’em, but he likes ’em.
Don’t see your favorite quote from last night’s episode? Add it in the comments section!

Character of the Week…Jay! Boy, that baby brought out the best in the patriarch of the family. His moment with Pilar and Manny, plus his realization that he was Phil, made him stand out in tonight’s episode.

The 411: Another great episode this week. Modern Family has come back from the hiatus strong, and hopefully they can keep that momentum going. I felt like this episode really showcased every character, especially the Dunphy kids. The homage that they paid to the Godfather was absolutely classic, and it's those small bits that this show does that make it so great. The addition of Gloria's family tonight, though necessary for the story, hopefully doesn't mean that they'll be back, as I wasn't really impressed with them or feel like they can add anything to future episodes. I do feel a little lost though. The baby is here, named, baptized(not that that was something I was looking forward to), I just hope that they have more for us to look forward to.
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