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Modern Family Review – 4.14 ‘A Slight at the Opera’

February 6, 2013 | Posted by Michael Adams
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Modern Family Review – 4.14 ‘A Slight at the Opera’  

The Phantom of the Middle School
Cam is directing Phantom of the Opera at the middle school and finds himself in a bit of a predicament; his Phantom has come down with mono. No worries though, Manny is there to save the day, but Cam has other ideas. Cam finds his muse in Luke. That’s right, Luke! Manny tells Cam that he will tell Luke the good news, but instead uses some reverse psychology to make Luke not want the role and claims it for himself. Manny knows his underhanded tactics of getting the lead weren’t noble, and after hearing just how beautiful Luke’s Phantom really is, he bestows it to him.

This was a pretty funny storyline, however, it was definitely not as funny as it’s predecessor…

It was very inside as far as the jokes went, but they were funny even if you weren’t 100% familiar with the context. All in all, funny stuff.

Putting with Pepper
Phil worries that his poor golf game is hindering his ability to climb the corporate ladder, so he enlists the help of Jay. On the course, they run into Mitchell and Pepper, who has been giving Mitchell lessons. They decide to play a little 2-on-2. The games gets a little crazy when Jay discovers that berating Phil makes him play better, and much to his delight, the same tactic works for Mitchell. Right before his last putt, Jay tells his son that he’s enjoyed doing this with him and wishes that they can play together more. The 4 fathers (that’s right, Pepper is a dad) drive off into the sunset…in their golf carts, and make it to the play.

I loved this plot-line; to me it was the A story in this episode. I always enjoy seeing Phil and Jay together, because usually it’s Jay bullying Phil, and Phil taking it because he just wants his father-in-law’s respect; but it was different tonight. We saw a softer side of Jay, which clearly wasn’t working for Phil. Add to it the appearance by Pepper Salzman(I love that name) and it made for a great story. The 4 of them listening to Cats in the Cradle and crying was a nice finish.

Hands full with Fulgencio
Claire volunteers to watch Fulgencio while Gloria runs errands for Cam, but gets side-tracked when she falls on one of Phil’s golf balls. While Claire plays out the scenario of what would happen if Phil came home to find her injured, Haley and Dylan seem to find their calling…parenthood. Turns out that Dylan is an ok dad, and he and Haley have good parental instincts while watching Fulgencio and Lily. Claire is quickly snapped back to reality and looks for a way to break up this happy family. However, she doesn’t have to try to hard, because Dylan and Haley have a little spat and all is right with the world again.

To me, this was just a way to get the remaining cast in the episode. It certainly had it’s moments, mostly from Dylan, but it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before. Haley and Dylan are going to do something Claire doesn’t like and she needs to stop it. Been there, done that.

This Week’s Top Quotes…
Claire: Are you not the least bit sorry? I could have broken a toe!
Phil: Honey, I am sorry every day for dozens of things that actually happen. If I start apologizing for things that don’t happen, how productive of a person would I be?

Cam: I will be recording today’s rehearsal. But don’t let that make you self-conscious, I’m only using it to pinpoint your mistakes.

Haley: You should see him play peek-a-boo. He’s amazing.
Dylan No, I’m good. I know a guy in Chicago…he’s amazing.

Pepper: I grew up golfing with my father, the great Chaim Salzman, r as he was known around the clubhouse, Chad Treadwell.

Boy: I once saw a monkey paint a wall.
Luke: Yea? Did you say ‘good job, Mom?’

Cam: Ok, Manny, quick question. Did you forget the notes I gave you or just choose to ignore them?
Don’t see your favorite quote from last night? Add it in the comments section!

Character of the Week…Dylan. In the 2 seasons I’ve been writing this review, I don’t think Dylan has had this honor yet, and I find that shocking. Not only was his t-shirt hilarious, but his general stupidity towards everything except for taking care of a child is genius and scary all at the same time. I hope this season brings us a little more Dylan.

The 411: And we're back from our week vacation and came out swinging. I thought this was a very funny and creative episode. I don't want to disclose too much information about myself, but I graduated with a theatre degree and am a relatively new father, so this episode really hit me hard. The jokes about Phantom and the Harry Chapin song really got to me, as I hope they did to other viewers. I think what I loved the most about this episode, outside of the previously mentioned parts, was that Dylan was present and strong. Dylan is like Bruce Wayne/Batman. He's there and your enjoying him, and then he vanishes out of nowhere! When did he leave/come back this season? Use that kid more often Modern Family. Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode, as it had a nice moment between Jay and Mitch and set up a possible love interest for Alex. Next week is Valentine's Day, so we know what that means...Clive Bixby!
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