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Modern Family Review – 4.16 ‘Bad Hair Day’

February 20, 2013 | Posted by Michael Adams
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Modern Family Review – 4.16 ‘Bad Hair Day’  

College Reunion
Claire is headed to her college reunion, but sadly Phil can’t go with her because he is playing on Jay’s bowling team. However, when Jay finds a more suitable substitute, Phil is crushed. At the reunion, Claire sees the professor that she used to date, and as fate would have it, Phil shows up to be by his wife’s side. Claire admits that the guy she was dating before Phil is at the party. Phil mistakes Claire’s friend, Tater, for her old flame. Later on, at the professor’s party, Tater tells Phil that he always dreamed of dating Claire. Phil realizes that the old flame was the professor and that’s why Claire wanted to come alone. When the professor’s wife comes home, frustrated, tired and sad, Claire realizes that she lucked out with Phil Dunphy.

Ugh. What was the point of this? What did we learn here that we didn’t already know? And why did they waste David Faustino in a scene that Ed O’Neill wasn’t in?! What a great chance for a reunion. Anyway, The only funny Dunphy tonight, was Luke.

One for the Gutter, and One More for the Road
Jay is preparing for his company bowling championship game, and finds last years second place prize in his bag, a spa day. He gives it to Gloria, but she can’t use it because of all the errands she has to run with/for Joe today. After a laundry injury, Gloria must go to the doctor and gives Joe to Mitchell. Meanwhile, Jay’s bowling preparation is put on hold because he must help cheer up Manny, who didn’t get the chorus solo. After shopping, Jay sends Manny on the bus to go home, so he can go to the lanes. While driving, Jay has an epiphany and drives up next to the bus to get Manny’s attention. Jay knows Manny can sing, he just has stage fright, so he tells Manny to sing on the bus. And with that, Manny’s stage fright is gone. Manny gets the solo and Jay wins 1st place.

Really?! A bowling episode and we DON’T see Jay bowl? Listen, I know that Al Bundy left us in 1995, but they can’t dangle that carrot and not deliver. It’s bad enough there was no reunion with “Bud”, but we couldn’t see him bowl? And why? So we can see Manny mope around a little, only to realize he’s 13 and his problems aren’t that big of a deal? All I wanted to hear was this…

Biebering up Babyr
Cam is doing a photo shoot of Lily dressed as old movie starlets so he can decorate the apartment for their Oscar party. Unfortunately, Lily has a bit of a diva moment and walks off the shoot. Luckily for Cam, Baby Joe is there, and the shoot continues. When they go to remove Joe’s wig, Lily reveals that she glued it on. Through a process of trial and error, Mitchell and Cam decide to cut the wig off. Now, who will tell Gloria? The blame is tossed around from person to person, and finally lands on Jay. Jay confesses that he cut Joe’s hair, but Gloria isn’t mad. After all, she went to the spa today.

I think this was the best part of the episode tonight. Lily’s diva moments, Cam’s Missouri talk, the baby in the wigs. It was all good stuff and helped saved this mediocre episode.

This Week’s Top Quotes…
Claire: If I’m being honest, the reunion might be a little more fun if Phil isn’t there. Otherwise, I spend the whole weekend telling him who’s who, and explaining inside jokes. And while all that explaining is going out, the alcohol is not going in.

Manny: Just coffee for me today. Black…like I feel on the inside.

Mitchell: You wouldn’t happen to have a feather boa, would you?
Manny: Are you wearing that to your Oscar party?
Mitchell: Manny, we’re not clichés. Cam is decorating the party with photos of Lily dressed as different starlets from….we’re clichés.

Cam: Well you may as well be a dead hobo in the woods of a small town after a rain storm, because you have just been discovered.

Mitchell: Isn’t it great that we’ve raised her to have opinions and interests of her own?
Cam: But this early? She’s still so dangum young!
Mitchell: Ok, is that another southern thing or are you just trying to remember her Vietnamese name?

Phil: I’ve regretted throwing away things way more beaten up than Claire. So if this campus Casanova had thoughts of reclaiming her, guess what hotshot. Legally, I still own her.
Don’t see your favorite quote from last night? Add it in the comments section.

Character of the Week…Luke, I guess. He wasn’t in a whole lot of this episode, and the parts he was in were kind of pointless, but man, that kid is funny.

The 411: I didn't like this episode at all. I actually was very let down by it very much. I guess I expected some things from this episode that I didn't get. And maybe it's my fault for wanting these things, but this episode was really a let down. It was funny is small doses, but as a whole, it wasn't that great. I believe next week is the wedding episode that they've been talking about. Hopefully it will live up to the hype.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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