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Modern Family Review – 4.17 ‘Best Men’

February 27, 2013 | Posted by Michael Adams
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Modern Family Review – 4.17 ‘Best Men’  

The BEST Best Men
Sal crashes Mitchell and Cam’s house late at night to let them know that she’s getting married, and wants them to be her best men. The night of the wedding, they go out to toast the end of Sal’s crazy days. This makes Sal realize that perhaps she’s making the wrong decision and starts going to town on the bartender. Before the wedding, Cam tells Mitchell that they should be able to get married, since they’ve lived together, have a family together; but Cam knows that it’s not going to happen…yet. During her vows, Sal says that Mitchell and Cam are a good example of a perfect relationship and that’s what she wants.

I liked Sal the first time we met her, and she was just as good in this episode. Elizabeth Banks does crazy very well. I did think that this episode was going to take a turn and that Mitchell and Cam were going to get married, or at least a civil union, or maybe just hold hands during Sal’s ceremony. Anyway, perhaps they will be able to get married before this show eventually ends.

No, No, Nanny
The Pritchett’s have two problems. One is that Gloria is having trouble with the nanny taking care of Joe, and the other, is that Manny is starting to really notice the female form. After a meeting with his art teacher, Jay and Gloria realize that, perhaps, Gloria is a little too free. However, it’s not Gloria’s bosom that Manny is noticing, it’s Dalia’s, the nanny. Jay and Gloria go out to the movies, and stumble upon more boob pictures and a poem for Dalia. They rush home to see that Manny is trying to woo Dalia over a candle lit dinner. Dalia let’s Manny down very sweetly, which helps fix Gloria’s problem with her.

I’m sick of Manny! When he was little and was acting like this, it was funny, but now he is just annoying g the crap out of me! Can’t there be something normal about him? Can’t he just be a pubescent teen?! I’m not saying he has to be like Luke, but let’s make this kid a little less irritating. That being said, Dalia was pretty good looking; I’d try to woo her.

Phil Dunphy: Dating Expert
Claire thinks that she is connecting with Haley and asks her to go out to dinner that night. Haley excepts, which leaves Luke and Phil on their own. Luke is having girl trouble though; he is trying to talk with a girl he likes but can’t seem to figure out what to say. So, it’s Phil to the rescue. After some smooth talking, Phil arranges a date for Luke with his flame. While Luke is on his date, Phil is sititng at the bar, and meets Valerie, the mother of Luke’s date, who is a rather attractive, single mother, and Phil is on to her. Phil is up front about the fact that he is married, and although Valerie is shocked that Phil would think she’s coming on to him, she invites him out to her mini-van.

First things first, the Claire/daughters story wasn’t bad. I liked the analogy Claire used about kids and their teen years, and I actually liked Alex’s band. Funky. Anyway, the main story for the Dunphys this week was Luke and Phil, and they were spectacular! That instant message between Phil and the 14yr old girl was classic. Add his awkwardness when Valerie was coming on to him was classic Phil, and it was so good.

This Week’s Top Quotes…
Sal: …Seriously, are you guys ok with this?
Cam: Of course, why wouldn’t we be?
Sal: Well, you know, because I can get married and you guys….can’t.
Mitchell: So? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
Sal: Really? Because I will not go through with it if you guys don’t want me to. Seriously.
Cam: Not necessary. What kind of people would we be if we denied you or anyone the right to marry?
Mitchell: Hashtag politics

Luke: Oh my god, stop now. We can only screw it up from here.
Phil: Please! You’re in the hands of the master. I think I know how to pick up a 14yr old girl…for you!

Mitchell: Oh! Our game nights on Saturday nights, they’re epic. Do you play cranium?
Sal: Well, if I’m playing board games on a Saturday night, you can shoot me in my cranium.

Gloria: I am too free with my body. It was ok when you were a little boy…
Jay: Was it?

Valerie: Excuse me? You’re Luke’s dad, aren’t you? I’m Valerie, Samoan’s mom. Hi. I recognized you from when you hosted the schools talent night. You are incredibly limber.
Phil: When you wear the right pants.

Valerie: Funny and generous. If my husband were more like you, maybe I’d still be married.
Phil: Well, if my wife were here, she’d want me to be clear that I am fully committed to her.

Claire: Oh my god! It looks like a Madonna video in here!
Haley: That was so good. If I didn’t know you, I’d be like “that chick is cool!”
Don’t see your favorite quote from last night? Add it in the comments section!

Character of the Week…is there really any question about this? Phil! He was so Phil tonight.

The 411: This episode was quite an improvement from last week's episode. I thought every storyline was strong, and there were some definite character developments that I assume are going to come into play in later episodes, particularly the ones between the Dunphy girls. The only disappointment in this episode was that they teased us early on this season about the wedding. I really thought it was going to be Mitchell and Cam's wedding, but obviously, it wasn't. I'm ok with how it turned out, but I thought it would have been nice to see the 2 get married, and a major deal for a "gay wedding". Oh well. Glad to see Modern Family got back to it's typical good comedy.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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