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Modern Family Review – 4.8 ‘Mistery Date’

November 14, 2012 | Posted by Michael Adams
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Modern Family Review – 4.8 ‘Mistery Date’  

The Dunphy Family
Claire takes Alex to her Academic Challenge, and has Manny and Luke tag along. This leaves Phil with the house to himself. Claire urges Phil to do more with his time than program the entire house into his iPad. Phil actually goes to a gym, thanks to a free pass from Cam. While there, Phil ends up playing racquetball with a fellow Bulldog. Always the gracious host, Phil invites Dave to his house to watch the Bulldog football game that night. After Phil leaves, Dave makes a call to a friend, CAM!, and says how great the gym is for picking up guys.

The hilarity ensues later that night. Dave sees that Phil has a family and asks if his wife will mind. Phil tells him his wife lets him do this every now and then(have a guys nights). While Phil and Dave are watching the game Phil’s commentary towards the TV gives Dave the wrong signals, and when Phil’s iPad ends up turning on the fireplace and smooth jazz, Dave is dumbfounded. When they go to toast their margaritas, both men spill the drink on each other and Phil removes his and Dave’s shirt to throw in the dryer. And wouldn’t you know it, the TV breaks, so Phil tells Dave the should watch the game…upstairs. Dave, still a little nervous about jumping back into things, takes off, but thanks Phil for his generosity, with a kiss.

Meanwhile, up at the Academic Challenge, Alex is eliminated on her first question and Claire is shocked. She even goes so far as to make the judges put Alex back in. After a talk between the two, Alex tells her Mom that she feels like she is parading her around because of her accomplishments. Manny sees a girl in the lobby and must find her again. So, Luke and Manny go Bar Mitzvah hopping to find the girl of Manny’s dreams. When they do, Manny invites her into the photo-booth, but she leaves him alone after he comes on too strong.

So as I was reading the preview of the episode today, and saw that Matthew Broderick would be working with Ty Burrell, I thought that Broderick’s character could play a great straight-man to Phil. Boy was I wrong, as there was nothing straight about him. The minute he called up Cam and revealed what he thought was going to happen, I was hysterical. Then, all the innuendoes while they were watching the game were fantastic! I thought the two men really played off each other very well, and would totally be on board with Dave coming back. They did announce today that Nathan Lane’s Pepper Salzman is coming back this season, so I would be really excited to see Lane & Broderick reunite on Modern Family. As for the rest of the Dunphy story, unnecessary and unfunny. And where was Haley??

The Pritchett/Tucker-Pritchett Family
Cam and Mitchell have planned a big surprise for Jay and Gloria, but it requires getting them out of the house for a few hours. When Cam and Mitchell arrive at the house, Gloria tells them that they have to cancel because she’s tired and Jay has to get the crib. Perfect! Mitchell will help Jay get the crib and Cam will take Gloria to lunch.

Cam and Gloria come back too soon, so Jay must keep Gloria occupied outside. He plays music for the baby, names all the livestock he had on his childhood farm, and speaks with his friend, Dave. It’s just too much for Gloria though, and she storms into the house just at the right time. The surprise is finished. Cam has hired a friend to pain a portrait, similar to the one in Lily’s room, in the nursery, and Gloria loves it!

While picking up the crib at the baby store, Mitchell becomes suspicious that something is wrong with his father, but he refuses to show his concern because Jay will just find a way to mock him. After Mitchell is introduced to Jay’s doctor friend, and catches his dad hugging a bunny, Mitchell confronts Jay and is ultimately shot down. In the car, Jay comes clean and says that the doctor is a shrink he goes to from time to time. He’s going to him now, because his last place of privacy, his office, is being turned into the nursery. Mitchell sympathizes with Jay and tells his dad it will all be worth it. When Jay sees the mural in the room, he too, loves it!

It kind of looks like this, but they are more like greek gods.

I don’t know what to think about this plot. I feel like Cam was too overbearing and too much, as he usually is, and I usually like Cam like that, but not tonight. He was kind of annoying. I don’t like annoying Cam. I think te best part about this was Mitchell. JTF has really been bringing it this season. I thought his Charlie Brown analog, which he referred to as a sports analogy, was hysterical. The moment that Jay and Mitchell had at the end was very nice too.

This Week’s Top Quotes…
Girl: Jewish people are so awesome.

Cam: Oh please. If it were up to you, we’d get them something off their gift registry.
Mitchell: Oh, you mean the list of things they specifically said they wanted?
Cam: They don’t know what they want.

Gloria: The baby’s been kicking me all night. It’s either going to be a football player, or a chorus girl.
Cam: You can be both. My senior year, I was a right side linebacker and a left side can-can dancer in Gigi.
Mitchell: Wow! She really set you up for that one, didn’t she?
Cam: Yea, when it came out of her mouth, I nearly stopped breathing.
Don’t see your favorite quote from this week’s episode? Add it in the comments section!

Character of the Week…is Matthew Broderick’s Dave. I like when the guest star outdoes the principal actors. His timid, dorkyness made his “first date” with Phil that much funnier, and very awkward.

The 411: I think for Broderick/Burrell alone the episode should get a 10, but it's not just about them. I honestly only found myself laughing at them and Mitchell tonight. This episode just didn't bring it. It was slightly boring, all over the place and kind of unnecessary. They're airing a repeat next week, so why didn't they make tonights episode a Thanksgiving episode? Why not show that Tandoori Turkey that Mitchell and Cam make? I feel like there was a much better episode somewhere for them to write. Like I said up top though, the best thing that this episode can give us is more Dave. I know my score seems a little high for what I just said about the episode, but I feel like I can't give Modern Family anything below a 6. The show itself is just too good for that.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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