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Monty Python Tops List of British Funeral Songs

November 25, 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– When you think of funerals, you likely think of solemn occasions with heart-touching songs. Not so much for many people in the UK, as The Telegraph reports that Monty Python’s Life of Brian classic “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” topped the list of most popular songs for memorializing the recently-departed.

The site notes that the growing age of Baby Boomers is the main reason, as that generation is very fond of the iconic UK comedy troupe. Traditional choices such as “The Lord is My Shepherd” and “Abide with Me” also ranked high but took a backseat to the peppy comedy song.

“There’s been general shift towards people trying to find some way of celebrating the life of their loved ones, whether through the choice of music or in other ways,” said a spokesperson for Co-operative Funeralcare. “It’s not mainstream, but in the past it would have been totally frowned on… We wonder if it’s the people who were young in the swinging sixties, who are now in their seventies and eighties, and if that’s informing this trend. Monty Python, for example, is of a certain age.”

Also making the list were nine songs from Queen, including “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.” The most commonly-used solo artist was Elvis Presley.

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