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Narcos Producers Issue Cease and Desist To Pablo Escobar’s Brother

September 19, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee

TMZ reports that producers of Narcos have sent a cease and desist letter to Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto to keep him from making money off of the Netflix show. Escobar’s company recently filed trademark applications for “Narcos” and “Cartel Wars”, which are both attached to the show. Narcos: Cartel Wars is also the name of a video game. The letter states that Escobar has no claim to the terms. They also say that Escobar has made outrageous claims. This includes one that says he used “Narcos” as part of a website in 1986, which seems unlikely as the Internet was in its infancy. A representative for Escobar’s company said their lawyer is talking with the producers to settle.

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