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Nicole Eggert Claims That Scott Baio Molested Her During Charles in Charge Filming

January 29, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Scott Baio

Nicole Eggert has accused Scott Baio of molesting her between the ages of fourteen and seventeen during production of Charles in Charge. Eggert posted to Twitter on Friday accusing Baio repeatedly molesting her between the ages of fourteen and seventeen. Many of the posts are now deleted, but the initial post remains:

As THR notes, Eggert said that she was a “molested child” and alleged that the incidents happened throughout her ages from fourteen to seventeen. She told a person who replied to her, “What is [your] explanation for him fingering me at age [fourteen]?”

Baio has posted to Facebook denying the claims in a sixteen-minute video, saying, “The reason I’m doing Facebook Live is because no one can edit me. This is the truth.” Baio’s wife Renee is heard speaking off camera providing her own commentary. Baio said that Eggert first came up with the allegations in 2012 and 2013, when she was promoting reality shows, and he chose not to not to respond to them at the time. He shows two letters from last year that he wrote to Eggert and fellow Charles in Charge star Alexander Polinsky. He says the two “decided to team up” against him and wrote in the letters that they should go to the police if they felt they had legitimate claims against him.

Baio notes that Eggert was his best friend, but then all of a sudden turned on him and said, “The problem with almost all he said-she said cases is they’re he said/she said. Now, go prove it or disprove it. The real problem with this is people with legitimate claims aren’t taken seriously — and that’s too bad.”

You can see the video here. Adam Carl, who guest starred on an episode of the show, posted supporting Eggert’s claims against Baio: