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Night of Something Strange Review

October 26, 2016 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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Night of Something Strange Review  

Night of Something Strange Review

Trey Harrison– Dirk
Wayne W. Johnson– Cornelius
Rebecca C. Kasek– Christine
Michael Merchant– Freddy
Toni Ann Gamble– Carrie
Nicola Fiore– Pam
John Walsh– Jason
Janet Mayson– Betty
Tarrence Taylor– Brooklyn
Kera O’Bryon– Sue

Directed by Jonathan Straiton
Screenplay by Jonathan Straiton, Ron Bonk, and Mean Gene, based on a story by Jonathan Straiton

Runtime– 94 minutes



Night of Something Strange, directed and co-written by Jonathan Straiton, is one of the most bizarre, wacked out zombie flicks ever made. It’s the kind of movie that you can’t believe actually exists but are ecstatic that it does because, good God, it’s batcrap amazing. Once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it.

The movie features a group of high school friends on spring break heading to the beach for some teenage debauchery (all of it meant to be in sort of good fun). The trip has its usual road trip ups and downs, but when the friends arrive at a rundown hotel for the night the hooha hits the fan and some incredibly bad stuff begins to happen. Just before the friends arrived, Cornelius (Wayne W. Johnson), a janitor at the local hospital, decides to have sex with a dead body in the morgue. After banging that corpse, Cornelius begins to change into a grotesque, horny as hell zombie that then runs around town, infecting as many people as possible. However, unlike your typical zombie, Cornelius isn’t infecting his victims by biting them. No, instead, Cornelius infects his victims via the involuntary transfer of bodily fluids. And then, because they’re now zombies themselves, Cornelius’ victims attempt to infect as many people as they can in the same way.

Now, as you’d expect with this kind of situation, the friends aren’t really aware of what’s happening, at least at first. They have their own personal issues to deal with, like who is going out with who, who wants to sleep with who, who has to sleep out in the car because there aren’t enough available rooms at the hotel, and other teenish type stuff. By the time the uninfected figure out what the heck is really going on, they band together and try to battle through the growing hordes of the sexually frustrated dead. Do the survivors have what it takes to survive?

Night of Something Strange takes its time establishing just what our eventual heroes are going to be up against at the end. It’s a strategy that works quite well, not so much because it gives the audience time to “get to know the characters,” but because it allows director Straiton and his cast to participate in some seriously messed up funny sequences. For instance, there’s a sequence where we see, in full, up close detail, what it looks like to release a wet fart into a sleeping person’s face. In short, it looks exactly like you expect it to but, at the same time, it’s much, much worse. There’s also a bloody condom sequence that probably shouldn’t be as funny as it is but, man, it’s hilarious. There’s also an absolutely disgusting toilet sequence that will cause you to bust a gut laughing (it makes you wonder why, after seeing just how bad the toilet really was, why the character just didn’t go outside).

Another great, standout sequence features an old woman who works in a convenience store being stalked by a zombie. The scene has some nice suspense that’s enhanced with the woman’s penchant for refusing to put down her cigarette even for one minute. I mean, just how important is that cigarette, especially with a crazed zombie hot on your trail? For this convenience store employee, it’s incredibly important. Great stuff.

The gore on display is both amazing and absolutely disgusting. It’s chunky, you can seemingly smell some of it, and when it starts it doesn’t really stop. Night of Something Strange is the kind of movie I’d avoid watching while eating pizza, any sort of spaghetti, homemade macaroni and cheese, or beef stew. You’re probably not going to want to look at most of that stuff for a few days. Soft vanilla ice cream, too.

The performances are all quite good. Wayne W. Johnson is super intense as Cornelius, the first zombie. When his face starts to melt and turns into a giant mass of goo, flesh, and some kind of infection, his naturally gigantic physical frame becomes absolutely terrifying. And considering that the guy wants to rape you, good God, what the hell are you going to do? What can anyone do? Trey Harrison does a great job as Dirk, the douchebag who ends up being the flick’s hero. You’re not quite sure how to take him at first, but then, as the movie goes on, he starts to grow on you and you end liking him. The female cast members (Rebecca C. Kasek, as Christine, Toni Ann Gamble as Carrie, Nicola Fiore as Pam) are all game for the nastiness that they have to endure.

And then there’s Michael Merchant as Freddy the ultimate douchebag. What he has to do as Freddy is jaw dropping at times. His “sex” scene will either make you cringe or laugh or both (and his dumpster scene is a pretty close second). Merchant will clearly do anything for his art. Awesome stuff.

The only sequence I’m not too sure of involves the crazy hillbilly family running the hotel. I don’t think the movie really needs it. Even if the title of the movie is Night of Something Strange, this scene may be too strange. It doesn’t kill the movie or anything, but it’s a bit off putting considering everything else that’s happening at the time.

Overall, Night of Something Strange is a superb effort from all involved. It will shock you, it will make you laugh, it may even make you cheer (you know, if you’re a low budget B-movie nerd. This is the kind of movie that you should live for). It’s the kind of movie watching experience that really is an experience. You will never forget it. Ever.

If Night of Something Strange is playing near you at a film festival or convention you should make a serious effort to check it out. It’s so freaking worth it.

See Night of Something Strange. See it, see it, goddamn see it!

So what do we have here?

Dead bodies: Plenty.

Undead bodies: Even more.

Explosions: It all depends on how you want to look at it.

Nudity?: Big time.

Doobage: Necrophilia, sausage making, serious dick pain, urination, alarm clock to the head, chest stabbing, vagina grabbing, vagina eating, a car crash, chest punching, a very creepy convenience store woman, shoplifting, some serious barfing, bloody urine, thigh touching, back seat sex, public urination, finger licking, leaf eating, more serious barfing, a zombie that jerks off, butt sex, serious hotel sex, a bloody condom, mild homophobia, gut punching, masturbation behind a dumpster, death by old TV, bloody condom to the face, fat sex, bloody nipple removal, lip eating, more vagina eating, ass eating, lamp up the snatch, deadly snatch gas, multiple useless statistics, a wicked head shot, attempted male rape, ball kicking, shoe to the head, a massive jizz explosion, face burning, face stomping, a gigantic penis, a vagina tentacle, bondage, throat ripping, bullet to the dick, crowbar through the crotch, and vehicular assault.

Kim Richards?: None.

Gratuitous: A stuffed koala bear, drunk drivers, a black guy named “Brooklyn,” bluesy hard rock music that sort of sounds like George Thorogood, pot smelling, an “ashes of obnoxious teenagers” ashtray, bathroom key with baby doll face keychain, poor man’s process, man tits, wet fart to the face, person trying to use the toilet without sitting on it, on screen text messages, a baby xylophone, “Do you want me to lick my balls?,” white underwear, necrophiliac homosexual sex, and a strange sequence that just doesn’t seem like it belongs.

Best lines: “Was that a bear?,” “Spring Break bitches!,” “Fuck school!,” “I hope that kid falls,” “Hey, asshole! What the fuck are you looking at?,” “Cool. Weed,” “What the fuck? Yo, dude, this guy has a hard on!,” “This is so fucked up, Freddy!,” “Are you on the rag? Yeah, sorry,” “Freddy, I’m not having sex with you,” “Can I at least jerk off in your ass?,” “I want you. To fuck me. As hard. As. You. Can,” “Fuck me! I am!,” “Damn, you are one heavy motherfucker!,” “This is the worst Spring Break ever!,” “So, are you a cat or a dog person?,” “Hit me in the vag!,” “Yo, shorty, where’s my ginger snaps?,” “You’ve been fucked!,” “I want to go home. I’ll drive,” “Are you one of them?,” and “Earth just Googled hero and I came up number one.”

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Night of Something Strange is the kind of movie that B-movie nerds should live for. It’s insane, in a good way, on multiple fronts and it’s an absolute must see. It it’s playing near you at a convention or film festival you need to make an effort to see it. It’s worth your time. You will never forget it. Awesome stuff.