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Noobz DVD Review

January 31, 2013 | Posted by Tony Farinella
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Noobz DVD Review  

Noobz is another in a long and forgettable line of mean spirited comedies that have been released recently, and it’s a trend that I can’t say I respect or appreciate. It simply introduces characters to be made fun of, ridicule, and insult. The film doesn’t respect its characters or think very much of them, so why should we? One of the characters is a closet homosexual and their idea of humor is watching him put on lipstick. Another character is mistaken for a pedophile when he’s hugging a young girl who puts him in his place at the store.

The film is trying to capitalize on the ever popular and rich gaming industry, and I imagine one could say that I don’t understand the humor or understand the gaming world. I do, however, understand good movies, and Noobz is not a good movie. The characters are unlikable, irritating, and painfully unfunny. The only redeeming aspect of the film is an appearance from Casper Van Dien who seems to have embraced his films and his role in them and is clearly having fun with it. The rest of the film, sadly, is not fun at all.

The group is led by Cody (Blake Freeman), a lazy guy with a wife that has grown tired of him refusing to grow up and be responsible. It’s hard to really root for this guy or care about him when his attitude sucks. There’s also Andy (Jason Mewes), Oliver (Matt Shively), the aforementioned closet homosexual, and Hollywood (Moises Arias). What’s comical about Hollywood you might ask? He has asthma. Now if that isn’t a knee slapper, I don’t know what is. The mission is simple: win the CyberBowl, which is the Super Bowl for gamers of the world and it includes some nice prize money.

The bottom line with this “comedy” is that it’s just not funny. The situations that are supposed to funny fall flat on their face, and I was left shaking my head in disgust. These are not characters, they are simply gimmicks. They are not particularly well written or developed. I know the money was low on a project like this, but at least make up for it with funny lines, interesting characters, and have something to say. They had an idea for a movie here, but they had no idea what to do with the rest of it. Gamers might find some humor here, but I found it to be tedious and forgettable.

DVD Info: Noobz is released on a single disc DVD from Big Air Studios.

Audio Info: The audio is in Dolby and it sounds just fine for an independent film like this. There are also subtitles in Spanish. It’s a low budget film, so I didn’t expect a whole lot in terms of presentation, but it was adequate.

Video Info: It’s in widescreen format, and again, nothing groundbreaking in terms of the visual display, but nothing noticeable in a negative way either.

Special Features:

Director Blake Freeman and Actor Jason Mewes Audio Commentary: Freeman has a lot to say because he was an actor/director and one of the writers of this project, so if you enjoyed the film, you will enjoy his commentary. Mewes is there to keep the conversation going with Blake.

One on One with Jason Mewes (0:59): This is quick and to the point and just a fluff piece with Mewes talking about the film briefly.

Meet Director Blake Freeman (01:13): This is similar to the piece with Mewes, just with director Blake Freeman instead.

A Chat with Casper Van Dien (0:59): This introduces us to Casper Van Dien, who is playing himself in this film.

Fun with Matt Matt Shively (01:28): Matt Shively introduces the audience to his character with this special feature.

The 411Noobz is another in a long line of forgettable independent movies that will be dumped onto video shelves and forgotten about within a few days of its release. Who knows? Maybe gamers will like this movie and find some humor in it. I tend to believe they are smarter than that and have better taste. This is strictly a waste of time.
Final Score:  4.0   [ Poor ]  legend

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