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OJ Simpson Took His Prison Belongings With Him So They Wouldn’t be Auctioned

October 1, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
OJ Simpson O.J, Simpson

As previously reported, OJ Simpson was freed from prison ahead of schedule from the Nevada Correctional Center.
O.J. Simpson was released from prison ahead of schedule. TMZ reports Simpson was released just after midnight from Nevada Correctional Center. TMZ has another update on his release, noting that Simpson took his belongings from prison with him so they wouldn’t be sold online.

Simpson reportedly left prison with some of his personal belongings. This was due to Simpson fearing they would later be sold on eBay by inmates or prison staff. Simpson was released early Sunday (Oct. 1) morning. Prison staff reportedly suggested Simpson take his belongings, and Simpson agreed.

Additionally, OJ Simpson was reportedly alerted on his early release on short notice. He was given time to gather his personal items before leaving. His belongings included a hot plate, legal paperwork, shoes, clothing, and a pillow. His early release today was pre-planned because prison officials wanted it to be done quietly without a media frenzy.

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