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Pablo Escobar’s Brother Says He Raised $10 Million to Impeach Trump in Cancelled GoFundMe Page

January 10, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Pablo Escobar’s brother claims that he raised $10 million for a campaign to impeach President Donald Trump via GoFundMe before the page was shut down. TMZ reports that Robert Escobar told the site that he started a “ByeByeTrump” GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $50 million to pay for “intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers,” and had raised $10 million in ten hours.

However, GoFundMe shit the page down in due to concerns about where the money would end up diverted to. Pablo Escobar was, of course, an infamous drug kingpin before his death in 1993 in a shootout in Columbia.

Roberto is the head of Escobar Inc., which started the fundraising campaign. The Escobars believe that the US government leaned on GoFundMe to get the page shut down. They plan to go to another site and accept cryptocurrency donations instead of government regulated money.

GoFundMe has been used for a variety of political fundraising efforts as of late, including one man’s attempt to raise money for Trump’s wall. That campaign has raised $20 million thus far.

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