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Pennyworth Star Ben Aldridge Wants to Be Thomas Wayne in a Flashpoint Adaptation

July 28, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Thomas Wayne Flashpoint

Ben Aldridge plays Thomas Wayne on Pennyworth, which premieres tonight on Epix, and he’d like to carry the character through a Flashpoint arc. Thomas Wayne is Bruce’s father, and is a major supporting character in the new Epix series which focuses on the Wayne butler Alfred in his earlier years, several years before Bruce Wayne’s birth. Speaking with, Aldridge said he’s familiar with the fact that Thomas Wayne gets to be Batman in the Flashpoint storyline and has asked Pennyworth creator Bruno Heller about that arc.

“Yes, where I get to be the badass,” said Aldridge. “Yes, of course I would! I’ve mentioned it to Bruno a couple of times and he’s just laughed at me, so I don’t know, but we get to see a darker version of Thomas Wayne for sure in this. It’s not all upstanding citizen. We see elements of Batman’s darkness that live within him, and we see glimpses of that throughout our series, so that’s a good thing to look out for, actually.”

Flashpoint was rumored to be the source material for the upcoming Flash solo film, but that film’s uncertain state means that it could jettisoned the plot in rewrites, or just not move forward. In the meantime, you can see Aldridge as a non-caped Thomas Wayne on Pennyworth tonight on Epix.