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Preview And Photos For Erica Durance’s Return ToSupergirl

May 23, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Supergirl - Both Sides Now

In an interview with TVLine, Erica Durance spoke about the return of her character Alura to Supergirl, which happens in this Monday’s episode. You can also see photos from the episode below.

On if the black rock is generating a bubble: “Well, I don’t know if you hit anything if you touch it. But the one person that tried to get out died on the other side, so we stay in this beautiful bubble, isolated. And of course that’s why we can’t communicate and [Kara] didn’t pick up on us.”

On Alura not knowing what happened to Kara: “No, she didn’t, and so this is the first time that you see Alura discovering the fact that her daughter did in fact live. She had lost everyone else and here she has this miracle, her daughter’s come back into her life. There is a little bit of, “Oops, it kind of worked out for us — we saved ourselves! — but I’d already sent you off in a pod.”

On the reunion: “Pure joy and surprise, and then the unfolding of why Supergirl has come to see her mother and “Can her mother help her?” It’s kind of touch-and-go as to whether Alura can actually do anything to help. Supergirl has to plead her case.”

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