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Promo For This Week’s WandaVision Teases Big Reveals

January 28, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WandaVision Monica Rambeau Teyonah Parris

WandaVision’s fourth episode arrives at midnight, and a new promo is hinting at some big reveals for the episode. Marvel has released a promo for the episode, which features Teyonah Parris’s Monica Rambeau (known to Wanda in her sitcom world as “Geraldine”) as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. investigating what looks like a reality break along with FBI agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park). The promo appears to confirm that Jimmy Woo was the voice calling out to Wanda through the radio in episode two.

We also get our first look at Kat Dennings reprising her role as Darcy Lewis from the Thor films. The episode debuts at midnight on Disney+.