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Ryan Seacrest Claims His Accuser Demanded $15 Million For Her Silence

November 21, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ryan Seacrest

As we previously reported, Ryan Seacrest is being investigated by E! for sexual misconduct while he worked for E! News from 2007 to 2010. TMZ reports that the woman who accused Seacrest, who also worked as his hair stylist, allegedly demanded $15 million from him. If he didn’t pay, her attorney would go to the media. Seacrest has denied the claims against him.

At first, the women’s lawyer contacted Seacrest’s lawyer and demanded the $15 million. When they were refused, they said that a number in the seven-figures range would be fine. Seacrest was on the phone during the meeting between the two attorneys, where her lawyer read a press release that he would send to the media if Seacrest didn’t pay up. Since the civil and criminal statute of limitations would have run out on her allegations (they are older than six years), so the only way she could get money would be to threaten to go public with her claims.

The woman’s lawyer said that she “wanted an apology from Ryan and validation of what had happened and what she got was a complete rejection of the allegations and a request that she not go forward with an interview with NBC investigators.” The lawyer also denies making the demand for $15 million.

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