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Comics 411: Saying Goodbye to ElfQuest

November 7, 2018 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
ElfQuest Finale

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Now, on with the show!

Last week we discussed the Best Comic Book Suggestions!. Here’s what some of you had to say:

Double J: “U have a great list there. I’d add Preacher, Miracle Man, World War Hulk, and any of the Ed Brubaker Gotham Central series of books.”

Texas_Hangman: “Adding a few more:
Top Ten
The Authority”

doctorburningfire: “I pretty much clicked this just to make sure Invincible got a mention. I’m pleased to see that it did! Start to finish, it’s my favorite superhero comic. (So much so that I’m creating a limited-run podcast about it, for anyone interested.) And a great costume, to connect to last week.

Also, a big second on Kingdom Come being amazing. And I’d add Batman’s The Long Halloween as a favorite. I’m also a sucker for Bendis’ long, generally consistent Ultimate Spider-Man run, as well as about the first 2/3 of Ultimate X-Men (until Kirkman’s run, oddly enough).”

motorhead9999: “Omitting stuff that you mentioned in your article, I just read the Alan Moore “Miracleman” run, and it’s just outstanding.”

Phenomenal: “Still not a broad reader but if you wanna read some Teen Titans New Teen Titans and Teen Titans(2003) are must have. Also if you are Raven fan first 6 issues of her ongoing solo run is great too.”

Mr.Greed: “My suggestions:
DC New Frontier
Hellboy Right Hand of Doom
Blacksad book 1
Usagi Yojimbo Saga Book 1
Ed Brubaker’s Criminal
Kraven’s Last Hunt
Swamp Thing (Alan Moore) Book 1

Elia Notari: “Ongoing comics are considered valid?
If so, my pick would be Saga by Vaughan and Staples, I just read Volume 9…Jesus Christ, man!”

Bop: “In no partiuclar order:
Malibu Protectors 1-20
The Ferret 1-10
The first Taskmaster Limited Series
Punisher Max Mother Russia
Lobo The Last Czarnian
Legion 89 1-50
Ostrander Suicide Squad 1-66
Agent X 1-15
Daredevil Born Again
Alias 1-30
Hulk Mr Fixit Run
The Immortal Iron Fist
Firearm The Rafferty Saga
Insane Clown Posse The Pendulum
Harbinger volume 1 1-25
New Titans The Titans Hunt
Giffen de Matteis Justice League
The Question vol 1
The first Gail Simone Birds Of Prey run
Anything Usagi Yojimbo
Anything Groo
Anything Dylan Dog”

poopsadaisy: “The original “Secret Wars.” It introduced me to many of the Marvel heroes and villains and holds up really well all these years later. Also, “Kraven’s Last Hunt” because I consider it the best comic book story ever told.”

Texas_Hangman: “I’ll add a few:
JSA – under Geoff Johns
Ultimates vol 1 & 2
Morrison Batman run

Immortal Hulk is outstanding”.

Keith: “Kingdom Come all day long. I’m hoping with “Worlds of DC” movie phase they are entering we can get this story in the screen sooner than later. I would love to see it cast like the below:

Superman: Russel Crowe
Batman: Clint Eastwood
Wonder Woman: Angelina Jolie
Shazam: Arnie Hammer
Pastor Norman: Robert Duvall
Magog: Vin Diesel
The Spectre: Christopher Walken”

To read all the comments or to read last week’s column, CLICK HERE! As always, thanks for the input!

This week we discuss…

Saying Goodbye to ElfQuest

This probably won’t be my most read comic book themed column or the most popular. Many of you are probably wondering what ElfQuest is while others are surprised that it was still around at this point.

ElfQuest is the longest-running American fantasy series ever, starting back in 1978, and it has been a project of passion for creators Wendy and Richard Pini. It has been called “the first American manga” in recognition of Wendy’s art, a blend of Eastern and Western styles.

After 40 years they are closing the book on ElfQuest and I think that deserves some recognition.

The overall plot is simple but the story expands to mythical lengths. Elfquest is a fantasy tale about a community of elves and other fictional species who try to survive and coexist on a primitive Earth-like planet with two moons. Cutter Kinseeker is the chief of the Wolfriders and the central character.

“The quest is to find out who this race of beings are,” says Wendy Pini,”where they came from, and how they can best fit into this world that they’re on, that is not their true home.”

I followed it pretty closely through the 80s and into the early 90s before finding it more and more difficult to find at stores. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to reacquaint myself with the series and it still holds up like I remember. If you want to read the early issues, they are available for free online and easy to find.

To give you an idea of its popularity, when ElfQuest ended its first series in 1984, sales had reached 100,000 copies, numbers that competed with both X-Men and Batman.

“It was a miracle of timing,” says Wendy, “There was a feeling of inevitability towards an ending. We reached that point in the story, and we brought it home.”

“The Final Quest” wrapped up earlier this year, marking an impressive 40 years from the publication of the first issue. While the Pinis are open to allowing other creators to tell stories in their world, they’re achievement is super rare and should be applauded.

Now how about that ElfQuest HBO series?

That’s all the time I have. Check out our Comic Book Reviews tomorrow and see you next week!

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