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Scott Gimple Says The Walking Dead: World Beyond Could Open Up More Crossovers

January 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The third series in the Walking Dead saga is coming this year, and franchise overseer Scott Gimple has teased how it connects to the greater franchise. Gimple spoke with EW about The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which is set a decade after the zombie apocalypse started and centers on “the first generation to come-of-age in the apocalypse as we know it,” as the synopsis says. Gimple weighed in on how the new series will open up the world in a way not seen in the other shows yet.

“We’re going to be discovering this very big aspect to the world that we haven’t yet seen,” he said. “We’ve seen glimpses of it on the shows with the helicopters and with the soldier that we saw, Isabelle on Fear. The movie does obviously touch upon some of that mythology as well as Rick being in one of those helicopters. In some ways, World Beyond, it’s a big story and yet it’s sort of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to Rick’s Hamlet, meaning the show and the movie touch upon some of the same things, but they’re not really that deeply related. We’ll learn more though about that group, that civilization, the nature of some other civilizations of the world through World Beyond, and that will give some of the background for the world that Rick finds himself in. But the story of World Beyond doesn’t really intersect with the movies other than they share knowledge and interaction with some of these bigger things going on in the world.”

He did say that more crossovers could happen with the show and the other series, noting, “I mean, they do share a universe. Though it is really cool to see how this different corner of the universe operates and the lives that they have been living all this time, it will be these little places that cross. We’ve been talking about aspects of next season of World Beyond. There might even be a big aspect of crossover with one of the shows. That’s the other part of it is we have these plans, but we’ve got to execute them. That’s sort of next season. We’re still finishing up this season. They do share a universe, so where there are opportunities, we want to take them.”

Gimple said that the new series is actually “little behind” the current timeline of the main series, though he said it’s “not in any way that anyone will possibly notice.”

Gimple dismissed concerns that the franchise is oversaturating itself, saying, “In my mind, it really was: There are always going to be zombie stories being told, so why don’t we tell them? If it’s not us, other people will. They always have. There is sort of a signature approach that we have that we do want to mix up as well. We want The Walking Dead to mean different things, and we’re going to continue to do that. I think we’ve reached a point where people enjoy a variety of different stories within the same universe. They understand that. As long as we make these stories different, stand out from one another, they can enjoy all those cool things about that universe, but just feature different characters, different journeys, different emotional pallets, different voices telling those stories. My goal is to do more and to do more varied entertainment. Walkers versus people is just one aspect of the story, and there’s also a story of the apocalypse, and it’s a story of some people trying to put things back together, some people trying to pull them apart, and there’s just a universe of stories to be told in there. Our job is to make them as different from one another as possible so that that part of it doesn’t feel repetitious. Each show should scratch its own different itch.”

The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead arrive later this year, while the second half of the main series’ tenth run premieres on February 23rd on AMC.