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Screenwriter David Koepp Explains Why He’s No Longer Involved With Indiana Jones 5

June 20, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter David Koepp spoke about why he decided to no longer be involved with the fifth Indiana Jones movie. Here are highlights:

He said: “The reason Indiana Jones movies are so difficult is because it’s really difficult. (Laughs.) It’s hard. It has to be great. The first and third movies in that series are just utterly beloved, and ‘utterly beloved’ is a high bar. It’s really tough to get there. So, I did a couple versions of this last one that I thought were good; the last one, in particular. But it didn’t quite come together. Steven couldn’t do it in the end and whatever. It just didn’t come together. Sometimes, they do; sometimes, they don’t. But if there’s going to be another Indiana Jones movie, I think James Mangold is a great guy to explore it. Certainly, what he did with Logan was remarkable — with Scott Frank’s great, great script. So, we’ll see. But it’s okay. Usually, by the time you either get fired or they move on to somebody else or the project just evolves away from you — by that time, you’re secretly a little bit relieved because at least you don’t have to bang your head against it anymore.

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