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Sharon Tate’s Sister Okay With Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

July 22, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

TMZ reports that Sharon Tate’s sister Debra met with Quentin Tarantino about his upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and is now fine with it. Tarantino reached out to her to talk about her concerns over the film. The two had a meeting and Debra spoke about her issues. When he explained the plot of the film, she felt better and now believes he has honorable intentions.

Tate said: “This movie is not what people would expect it to be when you combine the Tarantino and Manson names.

The film was recently moved up two weeks in 2019, which no longer coincides with the 50th anniversary of Sharon Tate’s murder, which she originally thought was “tacky and exploitative.” She is hoping to meet with Tarantino again to read the script. Tarantino previously said that the film is about 1969, not just Charles Manson.