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She Kills Review

September 23, 2015 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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She Kills Review  

She Kills Review

Jennie Russo– Sadie
Trey Harrison– Dirk
Michael Merchant– Reggie
Jody Pucello– Poodle
David Royal– Blue
Martha Zemsta– Beatrice
Niecy Cerise– Casparella
Mateo Prendergast– Father
Matt Mendoza– Brother Chung Lee III
George Cooper– Black Jesus
Kirk LaSalle– Edwin

Directed by Ron Bonk
Screenplay by Ron Bonk

Runtime– 98 minutes



She Kills, written and directed by Ron Bonk, is a brilliant grindhouse horror comedy homage chock full of gore, violence, nudity, as you’d expect. It’s also the most pro-woman movie since the original I Spit on Your Grave.

The movie stars Jennie Russo as Sadie, a young, care free virginal woman who, while frolicking half nude in a field on the eve of her impending marriage to the nerdy Edwin (Kirk LaSalle), is peeped by street gang weirdo Reggie (Michael Merchant). Edwin, who shows up to meet Sadie in the field in his nifty Mustang, tries to defend his fiancé but is beat down. Undeterred, Sadie and Edwin continue with their marriage plans, get married, and start their honeymoon at a nearby hotel. Before they can consummate their marriage, Sadie and Edwin are suddenly attacked by the entire Touchers gang. Led by mega mustache man Dirk (Trey Harrison), the gang (Merchant’s Reggie, Jody Pucello as Poodle, Martha Zemsta as Beatrice, and David Royal as Blue) clearly have nefarious plans for their victims. In fact, while keeping Edwin physically at bay, Dirk finger rapes Sadie and, basically, prepares to physically assault her even more. However, before he can do the dastardly deed the entire Touchers gang goes into a weird trance and transforms into animalistic psychos. Jumping around like batshit monkeys, the Touchers kill Edwin, take turns humping Sadie, and then completely devour Edwin. What the hell happened?

Well, after the gang leaves, dumbfounded by what the hell happened (did they really eat that guy? Yes, and the only thing they left was his skeleton), Sadie mourns her husband’s death and goes to see her father and brother for help. Sadie’s father, played by Mateo Prendergast, isn’t much help as he rapes and assaults Sadie within minutes of seeing her, and Sadie’s brother (Brother Chung Lee III, played by Matt Mendoza) is unable to help, either. Brother does engage in a hilarious kung fu battle with his father involving pets that can be manipulated into various kung fu weaponry, but the fight doesn’t prevent further attacks on Sadie (or continued cannibalism from occurring). What the hell is going on? Why do people, especially men, keep attacking Sadie and then eat dead bodies afterwards?

Sadie goes to see Casparella (Niecy Cerise), a super-hot psychic fortune teller who tells her that she has a super dangerous vagina afflicted with “fire crotch,” which is some Satanic what-have-you that forces men to “act like their true selves” when they around it. Casparella offers Sadie a chance to rid herself of the fire crotch via exorcism and, in the process, gain the chance to exact revenge on the gang that attacked her. However, in order to gain the ability to exact revenge Sadie must give up her attraction to men. Sadie agrees, Casparella performs the exorcism ritual, and, after a psychedelic montage involving lasers and a giant eye ball, the fire crotch leaves Sadie’s body and she becomes a revenge taking machine. Sadie becomes, in essence, the ultimate weapon against men.

The rest of the movie is Sadie exacting her revenge in bloody, funny, and at times disturbing but still funny ways. The action scenes are well staged and feature some inventive death scenes, like a broken bottle seriously to the back of the head. There’s also plenty of 1970’s grindhouse homage moments, like scratches in the film and weird sound at times. A boom mic operator briefly falls into frame during a description of hot lesbian sex and a camera operator is seen towards the end, too. These homages are also just goofy in general and should play well with people who like no holds barred, ridiculous comedy but don’t have any experience with grindhouse type movies.

The movie’s nudity, both female and male, may turn some people off simply because it’s there in the movie. However, if you get into the movie’s mindset from the beginning you’ll understand quickly why it’s there and that there is no movie without it. And, while I didn’t count the number of moments of each, I’m pretty sure that the movie has equal amounts of full on female nudity and male wang doodles on display. How often does that happen in any kind of movie?

Writer-director Bonk and company manage to get a lot out of what is obviously a low budget. The special effects always look good and consistent with everything else in the movie and the real locations, like the bar the Touchers hang out in, make the movie look bigger than it is. The movie also features crisp editing and a superb soundtrack that will make you groove in your seat as you watch the movie. Some scenes play a little long, but then that’s all part of the grindhouse homage motif. The dance sequence could have lost like twenty seconds, but then it wouldn’t be that dance sequence.

The movie’s pro-woman message will probably be challenged because of the amount of nudity and violence in the movie. How can you be pro-woman with copious amounts of female nudity, crude jokes about vaginas, not to mention several moments of rape? Like Camille Keaton’s Jennifer in the original I Spit on Your Grave, Sadie has to go through quite a bit before she gets to take down the movie’s villains, but if we don’t get to see what she goes through we can’t sympathize with her. And after we do see what Sadie goes through, we’re ready to go with her on her revenge quest. You’re not going to sit and wonder if what she does to the bad guys is necessary and socially redeeming. You’re only likely to wonder why she didn’t get even more violent with her attackers. I know that’s what I did.

The cast is excellent. Jennie Russo does a great job as Sadie. She’s immediately likable and funny when we first see her, and we root for her to get her revenge. Russo is clearly game for anything and does everything with a nonchalant enthusiasm that’s refreshing (basically, she’s nude and it’s no big deal. It’s part of the character. It wouldn’t work if she didn’t do it).

Trey Harrison is hilarious as Dirk. He’s a mega douchebag with a giant mustache and a violent streak that makes it easy to understand why his gang continues to be his gang. Who is going to quit and get their ass kicked? No one, that’s who. It’s also cool how Harrison is able to go full wacky without winking at the camera. Dirk is violent and a prick, yes but he’s also absolutely ridiculous. Try not to laugh hysterically at his monologue over the end credits. I have no idea what it’s about but it’s a riot. And his bag of cold sores that he eats like candy? Goddamn genius.

Michael Merchant, as Reggie, is even more ridiculous than Dirk and gives the best performance in the movie. Merchant goes for broke as Reggie, making him a sort of 1950’s greaser asshole that could easily fit into the world of Grease, at least until someone saw his giant penis and demanded he wear baggier jeans. Merchant also has the best death scene in the movie, a sequence that will make you cringe, wince, and guffaw all at the same time.

The rest of the Touchers are outstanding. Jody Pucello is the quintessential older henchman as Poodle, and David Royal is the lumbering, sort of lovable brute as Blue. And Martha Zemsta, as Beatrice, has one of the best monotone speaking voices you’re likely to hear. Her whole performance is a wonderful homage to the first time actors of grindhouse cinema who looked the part but never once sounded like an actor emoting. Great stuff.

Niecy Cerise is awesome as Casparella the psychic. She only has a few scenes but she’s great in all of them. And Mateo Prendergast and Matt Mendoza engage in some of the best low budget kung fu comedy you’re likely to see. The pet weapons are a little strange, sure, but it all works, and they’re clearly game for the goofy stuff. Their big scene goes on a little long, too, but it all works out in the end. This is a grindhouse comedy. It has to happen.

She Kills is a great low budget grindhouse revenge comedy. There’s just no denying it. If you get the chance to see it make the effort to do so. You won’t regret it. Awesome, awesome stuff all around.

See She Kills. See it, see it, see it.

So what do we have here?

Dead bodies: Lots.

Explosions: Multiple.

Nudity?: Oh, yeah.

Doobage: A nice, serene opening titles sequence, nipple touching, ball fondling, face punching, knee to the face, blood on the camera, a goofy lovers kiss, talk of testicle ear rings, an absolutely ridiculous mustache, face slapping, cold sore eating, face palming, a hilarious erection, hand up the vagina, multiple finger smelling, face crushing, vagina slapping, rape, cannibalism, a naked woman holding a bloody skeleton, attempted incest, dog nunchucks, a cat sword, a cat pie Frisbee, extended slow motion hamster squishing, intestines through the mouth, more rape, more cannibalism, female urination, a dance montage, more face slapping, a face slapping montage, psychic hooey, a vagina exorcism, exploding giant eye, a street beating, barfing, arm breaking, penis smashing, neck snap, costume creation, boot to the groin, anal rape with a broken beer bottle, multiple punches to the back of the head, multiple stab wounds to the back of the head, total head destruction, body throwing, breast removal, guns, massive diarrhea attack, jizz, ninja star to the balls, fellatio followed by bloody dick removal, triple knife attack, strangulation via hairy balls, a melted hand, spontaneous male gay love, exploding penis, demon vagina snake, a “vagina sheet” that turns a guy into a skeleton, serious ball kicking, multiple bullets to the balls, more ball grabbing, cunnilingus, finger action, vagina tentacles, cock killing panty hamster, and the promise of a hilarious sequel.

Kim Richards?: None.

Gratuitous: Grindhouse homages, wild flower nipple touching, giant penis, old stock footage of a passing police car, a grim reaper, “vertical bacon sandwich,” self-examination in the mirror and finger smelling, low budget kung fu battle with badly dubbed English dialogue, “pet kata,” a one-eyed bartender, lesbianism, boom mic operator falling into frame and passing out because of a hot lesbian sex monologue, an homage to The Crow, a kids coloring restaurant menu, miniature set where toy car drives on a fake street, a Batman 1989 homage, miniature car flying off a cliff and bursting into flames, a child that runs across the screen for no reason, Black Jesus, Washington, D.C., based on the novel She Kills With Her Crotch by Sir Bertrand Covington, and the promise of a hilarious sequel.

Best lines: “Edwin! Sadie!,” You know what they say, mahogany before marriage,” “You been touched!,” “I’m going to make you the gayest man alive Edwin Trey Harrison!,” “I’m Poodle. I hate cats but I love pussy. If you get my drift,” “Eddie, my boy, you haven’t picked this mango?,” “What the fuck did I eat last night?,” “Don’t make me kill you to get the point across that I will kill you,” “Hey, boss, I really think we need to discuss this soda pop,” “Fuck you all! If he won’t get that skank then I will!,” “Do it! Rid me of this fire crotch!,” “I’m gonna touch the fuck out of you, bitch!,” “What are you going to do, dry hump me to death, slut?,” “You men are all the same. You think you can just take what you want. And if you’re told no you destroy. Deny it for anyone else. Well, not anymore. There’s a new sheriff in town and her meat flaps are packing death!,” “Damn! Bitch is going to die!,” “What are doing your crazy cunt? Are you gay? One of those vagitarians?,” “Oh, Blue, that was the stinkiest air biscuit I’ve ever smelled!,” “All of you bitches out! Except for you. I need my thinking vagina on,” “You’re one hot piece. Can’t wait to rape your ass,” “Dirk’s tongue is legendary!,” “Oh, don’t stop, Dirk! You’re hitting my G-spot!,” and “Did you get your revenge, girl?”

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
She Kills is an awesome, crude, low budget grindhouse homage comedy that is easily the most pro-woman movie since the original I Spit On Your Grave. I can’t stress that enough. Because I’d imagine that people aren’t going to agree with that assessment because of the amount of gore and nudity in the movie, but those people need to ignore that and actually watch the movie. It’s a brilliant low budget romp. It’s gross, it’s funny, it’s a modern masterpiece. If you get the chance to see it, see it. It’s very worth your time.