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South Park 20.1 Review – “Member Berries”

September 15, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.1 Review – “Member Berries”  

South Park is back for their 20th season, and with the election on the horizon, it’s almost too obvious where the the focus of this season will lie. Last season saw Mr. Garrison, along with his running mate Caitlyn Jenner, enter the Presidential race. With South Park shifting to serial episodes and seasons the past two years, we can all expect Mr. Garrison and his presidential campaign to be a major focus for the 20th season.

The 20th season began, not with the Presidential race, but with a look at kneeling during the National Anthem. The focus was on whether or not the girl’s volleyball team would take a seat during the anthem and not on the game at all, which is pretty true of the Colin Kaepernick controversy. No one really cares that Kaepernick is a back-up quarterback and no one cares to watch the San Francisco 49ers, they just want to see whether or not Kaepernick and other players are going to protest the anthem. The girls are protesting the harassment they’ve been receiving online by “skankhunt42”

This leads to the government deciding that they need a new National Anthem, and the only man to write that anthem is J.J. Abrams. After all, he rebooted Star Wars, so of course he can reboot America’s anthem. The logic is that Abrams gives you just enough new stuff, but also keeps the stuff that you love. So true.

Randy Marsh is none too pleased about the possible reboot of the anthem. That’s when a reporter shows up to get Randy’s opinion on the upcoming election between, The Giant Douche (Mr. Garrison, playing the role of Donald Trump) and The Turd Sandwich (Hilary Clinton). I was wondering if we would get this call back from South Park as it made perfect sense given the two potential candidates, and South Park wasted no time with the answer.

Randy is still upset, but he’s given Member Berries, magical berries that help you remember the good old days, until you have too many and end up with a bad trip. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the Member Berries. I don’t know if they’ll play a bigger role throughout the season, I suspect that they will, but they just seemed kind of useless in this episode.

The Giant Douche is leading in the polls, but his excitement doesn’t last as he now realizes that he might be elected, which means doing something despite not having a plan. The Giant Douche’s plan to swing the election in The Turd Sandwich’s favor is to protest the new anthem by sitting down.

However, Abrams brilliant fix for the anthem is to allow people to stand, sit, kneel, or do whatever they want during it. No matter what you do during the anthem, you’re still honoring America. This leads to The Giant Douche and Colin Kaepernick being very confused as the anthem plays. I loved this moment because it shows how dumb this whole Kaepernick controversy has been. Who cares if he takes a knee during the anthem? It doesn’t affect people in the slightest and doesn’t disgrace America one bit. Kaepernick taking a knee is a form of peaceful protesting, which is totally legal in America.

Cartman is perceived to be “skankhunt42” by Kyle and just about everyone else in the school. To throw everyone off the scent, Cartman begins rallying for girls by saying that they can be funny too, all they have to do is talk about their vagina’s, which have balls. It’s a smart take on female comedy nowadays as the top female comedians are the one’s who aren’t afraid to talk about their sexual exploits. Amy Schumer and Nikki Glaser, both of whom have shows on Comedy Central, are notorious for being open and honest about their vaginas.

Cartman appeals to Kyle that he’s not the internet troll and wants to help catch the troll. Kyle is skeptical, but makes it his mission to takedown the internet troll.

In the end, it’s not Cartman who is “skankhunt42” but it’s Kyle’s dad, Gerald. Remember that lesson kids, an online troll is always a creepy old man.

Funniest Moment: The drawing of a vagina with balls on Cartman’s face

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Overall, a strong debut for season 20 of South Park. They tackled the issues that you would expect them to tackle given that Matt and Trey are football fans and it’s an election year, while also adding the storyline of online trolling. The anthem stuff was really well done. I’m interested to see where things go with the online trolling angle since Kyle is on the hunt and the endgame, unbeknownst to him, is his dad while the election stuff will have legs all the way up to the final results and after. The Member Berries stuff hurt it, but maybe they'll sway me by the end of the season.

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