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South Park 20.10 Review – ‘The End of Serialization as We Know It’

December 7, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.10 Review – ‘The End of Serialization as We Know It’  

The 20th season of South Park came to a close on Wednesday night, and, well, it was certainly a season.

I don’t know what happened this season. I still maintain that the election, and Donald Trump winning, threw all of their plans out the window and they had to re-write the last half of the season. This season was really all over the place. It started out pretty strong. The member berries became a big focal point that really caught on, Randy was a major player, the girls vs. guys war seemed to be going somewhere, Gerald being the troll looked like a nice twist, and we got to see a different side of Cartman after his technology was broken. The election seemed to be a sub-story, although I think we all knew that once the results were announced, it would be a bigger piece to the story.

Then the election results were announced, and nothing made sense in South Park anymore. As I said last week, South Park could easily pass off this season as a troll season. They could easily say that, “Trump is President. What actually makes sense anymore?” and plenty of fans will accept it. Sorry, I just expected a bit more from the show.

This whole episode built towards the internet being destroyed and the final showdown between Gerald and Bedrager. The Star Wars fight on the bridge between the two was good, as was their discussion about satire. Maybe this is the world we are living in. Post-funny satire.

But the season as a whole felt flat and all over the place.

Member the member berries? Aside from chilling in Garrison’s office, they played no role in the plot for a second straight episode. It looked like they were going to be the driving force of this season. They even had a sub-story where the member berries were murdering their own and turning into mobsters. It all went nowhere.

Member when Bill told us that Hillary was super pissed off after losing the election? It looked like we were going to get the wrath of Hillary. Instead, she just sent Gerald to Denmark in some ass backwards plan and was never heard from again.

Member Randy? Member Stan?

There was some funny stuff in this season. I don’t member it. But I’m sure it was there. The problem is the show has gone away from humor and towards a serial story. Maybe this episodes title, “The End of Serialization as We Know It” is exactly that. Maybe Matt and Trey realize that trying to do a season long story isn’t a good idea when you also want to add relevant and topical humor. Because sometimes that relevant and topical humor throws a wrench into your season long story.

One thing that makes South Park so great is their ability to turnaround episodes in a week. But if they already have the season plotted out and they still want to turnaround the episode in a week in order to keep things topical, it just doesn’t fit. If they are going to do serial episodes, then don’t worry about staying topical. We’ve seen Matt and Trey put together coherent stories. Their three parters are legendary. But maybe they can’t have their cake and eat it too.

I hope this is the end of serial seasons for South Park. I feel like these last two seasons have been the weakest seasons in South Park history. They had it right with the 18th season. Do some episode to episode stuff, but don’t come up with a season long plot that can be ruined depending on what happens in the world.

Or just drop the whole serial episode thing altogether and member that you’re South Park and the reason why everyone loves you is because you managed to stay topical and funny from episode to episode without blending everything together.

Random Thoughts and Quotes

*”Beyonce aint nuttin but a Taylor Swift rip-off”

*”That sort of sounds like how I got elected.”

*”I showed him my dick. And called him a fag.”

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It was a disappointing end to a disappointing season. Too many plot holes, too many things not membered, not enough funny.