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South Park 20.4 Review – “Wieners Out”

October 13, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.4 Review – “Wieners Out”  

Despite the second debate and Donald Trump saying a ton of stupid things, South Park stayed away from the election this week. Seriously, aside from a quick comment, no Mr. Garrision, no Hillary, no Douche or Turd.

That means that the focus was squarely on the trolls and the boys vs. girls.

We’ll start with boys vs. girls, as Butters takes it upon himself to lead the “Wieners Out” Rebellion. Butters is proud to be a male and proud to have a wiener, so he lets everyone know by pulling out his wiener during the national anthem. He’s not standing up for Harambe, he’s standing up for males. The rest of the boys quickly follow suit, except “Uncle Kyle.”

Butters leading this rebellion is interesting, but not so surprising. We all know that Butters has a dark side. He’s not afraid to go after something if he believes in it. And he really believes in his wieners out movement. The wieners out rebellion and Uncle Kyle is an obvious and not so subtle take on black protests and Uncle Tom. Like black people, Butters is proud of his heritage, in this case, being a male, and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s not harming anyone by pulling out his wiener and peacefully protesting, despite the complaints from the girls.

Butters being able to unite all of the boys in the school is something we as a nation have failed to do in the wake of police murders and the Black Lives Matter movement. Black people are coming together, but people of other colors remain sidelined. I’m guilty of this as well. As a white male, I support the Black Lives Matter movement and their protests. I want these crimes to end. But I haven’t done anything about it. Maybe America would be better if people of all colors got together and just took their wieners and vaginas out.

Uncle Kyle wants to make peace with the girls and isn’t happy about the wieners out movement. So he turns to the one man that can takedown Butters: Cartman.

As I mentioned two weeks ago, this new and happy Eric Cartman is one of the most interesting character changes on South Park in quite some time. Gerald being a mean online troll might seem like a big change, but the signs were always there (Member when he sued everyone? Member when he started the smug movement?) that he had a darker side. Cartman not engaging in war of any kind is just kind of…odd.

There are hints that he’s ready to snap at any time. He reads into Kyle’s words about women and is ready to tear him a new one before Heidi calms him down. But ever since he saw a ball-less vagina and started a relationship, he’s become a new man. On one hand, I hope it lasts. Cartman has been through so much in South Park history and, while a lot of it was his own fault, the guy deserves some happiness. On the other hand, it’s Cartman. If he’s not destroying everything and being a selfish prick, who is he?

In the other main story, Gerald is finally confronted by the man who knows he is a troll. In the case, it’s another troll. The uniting of trolls is something that I probably should have seen coming, but I really thought someone close to him figured it out. Silly me.

Gerald is still on edge about causing someone to commit suicide, and he promises to give up trolling after erasing his computers. But, like any addiction, it’s not as simple as quitting cold turkey. Gerald can’t help himself. He continues to troll online and in real life. Trolling and lying has now defined who he is and what he has become.

The Danish come up with TrollTrace, a website that let’s you track trolls. It’s not a well thought out plan as it means anyone can track anyone, not just trolls. Member “Safe Space”? Like Gerald being unable to just quit trolling, this highlights just how difficult it can be to catch trolls and why so many trolls have trouble quitting. You can’t just trace an IP address because most people are smart enough to use a proxy and no good troll is going to give up their personal information. So, the only way to figure out who they are is if they slip up. Gerald came dangerously close to slipping up, and Dick calling him “skankhunt” in public probably isn’t helping, but lying has become second nature for him so he’s able to cover himself. For now.

Random Thoughts

*The Make Love, Not Warcraft guy, Charlotte, the gayness of Tweek and Craig. South Park really wants us to member.

*Member berries are still a thing. It appears Matt and Trey are taking a slow build approach because they’ve become less prominent in every episode.

*Poor Ike. Having to see that.

*”It was just stupid, harmless locker room humor.”

*The final shot of all the trolls in one room is what I imagine 4chan looks like.

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The 411
There's no denying the brilliance of South Park when they are focused on a story. Despite all of the material that the election is providing them, they're staying away from it in order to tell the story that they set out to tell. That's some willpower. I think they sacrifice some laughs in their desire to be more story driven, but it's tough to argue with the results. "Wieners Out" was a strong episode that perfectly balanced story with laughter and continues to lay the groundwork for what should be a climatic finish.