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South Park 20.5 Review – “Douche and a Danish”

October 20, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.5 Review – “Douche and a Danish”  

Going head-to-head with the final debate, South Park couldn’t exactly avoid the Presidential storyline this week.

So, they attacked. And then they ran from it. Mr. Garrison embraced his douchey side, treating his rally like a stand-up set at the Apollo. People finally caught wind of what Garrison was doing, and they quickly turned on him. Sadly, no one has turned on Trump even though you can make a pretty strong case that he’s throwing this election just as much as Garrison.

Garrison’s self-awareness continues to be the bright spot of his character and really separates him from just being a Trump clone. Returning to try and teach 4th grade in order to escape the election was brilliant. Sadly, Trump isn’t running back to The Apprentice. He continues to fight what appears to be a losing battle, standing by his words and doing his best to cast doubt on the whole election process.

The member berries storyline finally started to show some life, and it turns out that J.J. Abrams and him wanting us to “remember the good things about Star Wars” is the reason for this entire election.

I’ll admit to being a little confused by this and I hope that South Park has a good explanation. What does Abrams recycling Star Wars have to do with the 2016 election and the shit show that it’s become? As much as I agree with Randy that the new Star Wars isn’t as good as people made it out to be and that it was just all of the best parts of the original three, what does that have to do with Hillary Clinton, and more importantly to the South Park storyline, Donald Trump/Mr. Garrison? I’m not sure there are any good parts to Trump. I member feeling safe. I don’t think Trump can keep me safe. So why exactly is J.J. Abrams keeping him in this election?

The only thing I can come up with is that Abrams is backing Clinton and is using Trump to get people to member how great America already is. But that seems like a pretty weak twist. I guess that sort of fits with the whole “Star Wars wasn’t that great” narrative that they’ve been pushing, though.

Elsewhere, the troll storyline and the school storyline came together as well.

The trolls fought back against Denmark by, well, trolling. In a scene straight out of Star Wars, the trolls locked in and set their sights on Denmark, turning everyone against the country and their trolltrace.com website by trolling them.

It looked like this would be the end of Denmark’s troll efforts, but it appears that they’ll be getting some help from Cartman and Heidi. The two tried to bring the school together with a fundraiser, but their efforts failed as they were once again the indirect victims of trolling.

The last scene with Cartman and Heidi got me so excited for the rest of the season. Cartman is still showing a softer side, even letting Heidi take the lead in the video, but this all sets up for Cartman to be Cartman, which is what we all want, right? It’s nice that he has found love, and it’s definitely shocked the girls at the school, but this is still Cartman. He now has a target in mind and he has a mission to stop him. Just, for once, his motivation isn’t to benefit himself. He’s motivated to help his girlfriend and the people of Denmark. So, Cartman gets to the asshole that we’ve all come to love, but he also gets to be the lovable characters that we’ve seen throughout this season. Much like Star Wars, South Park is giving us what we love and adding just enough new to keep it fresh.

The relationship between Gerald and Dick is showing some great depth. We’ve learned throughout the season that Gerald enjoys trolling because he just likes to have a laugh. He’s perfectly happy in his life, he just enjoys being mean and laughing at the misfortunes of others. Dick isn’t buying it. He actually has a nice backstory as to why he trolls. He was picked on in real life, so he hides behind his screen and picks on others. I think both explanations fit for just about any troll. The truth is, no one really knows why trolls troll except for trolls. I don’t believe the answer is as simple as “I’m just doing it for the lols” or “I’m re-bullying online.”

Random Thoughts

*A Danish reader named Tobias sent me an email last week. He let me know that, “The guy behind trolltrace.com is named Lennart Bedrager. Bedrager is a Danish word that basically translates into a fraud or a deceiver. Also, in the clips with Scandinavia they show a lot of Mountains. Given the focus on Denmark this is kinda funny because Denmark is flat as a pancake.”

*Shouts to everyone in Denmark.

*Was really hoping Cartman’s shirt would spell school as “Skewl”

*Pretty sure the trolls used the same conference room as the gingers. Nice callback.

*Mr. Garrison commented that the election is rigged at nearly the exact same time as Trump during the debate. South Park is too real.

*Everything is not awesome in Denmark.

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Not a bad episode by any means, but it felt more like a set-up episode than anything else. All of the four major storylines throughout this season came together in two different threads to lead us into the final five episodes of the season. I'll admit that my confusion over the member berries/J.J. Abrams/election story probably hurts the final rating, and if it all makes sense in the end, this episode could end up being much stronger.