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South Park 20.6 Review – “Fort Collins”

October 27, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.6 Review – “Fort Collins”  

The picture that South Park has been painting all season is finally starting to become clear.

As alluded to earlier this season, TrollTrace is a problem. Denmark thought they were doing a good thing by catching the troll who caused a suicide, instead they’ve exposed the internet. Watching trolls, and everyone really, freak out as all their emails became public was funny, and a bit scary. Could you imagine if that actually happened? I know this was a spoof of Hillary’s emails, but the scene felt real if it happened to everyone.

We all have online histories. Most of us can feel proud of what they’ve posted online or what they’ve sent in an email, but there’s always one post or one email that you regret. Maybe you were drunk, maybe you were just venting, but I guarantee there’s an email or discussion post that you think about and are like, “Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have said that.” Luckily, you posted it on an account that’s no longer active or an account that doesn’t have anything to do with who you really are. Or you fortunately sent the email to your friend, who you know isn’t going to share it with anyone. Now, imagine if anyone could see that email and know it was you. It’s a pretty scary thought.

This big email reveal is looking to be Cartman’s undoing, which is quite sad. Happy and in love Cartman was a nice change of pace, and while I’ve been dreaming of angry and vengeful Cartman, I have to give the show credit for doing something different. But now Cartman’s internet history could be shown to Heidi, and well, it’s Cartman. Hating on the new Ghostbusters is probably the least of his worries. We’ve seen the desperate side of Cartman before, but not quite like this. Now, he’s desperate to save a relationship that is still pretty unbelievable.

This isn’t to say that I feel sorry for Hillary. As the future President and someone in high political standing, deleting thousands of emails is shady. I’m sure some were meaningless emails, but I’m also sure that some were important emails, and I’m even more sure that some were emails that she definitely wouldn’t want public.

South Park continues to give Mr. Garrison a sense of self-reflection, but I find the J.J. Abrams tie-in to be a bit forced. I get it. As mentioned last week, I share the same opinion as South Park when it comes to the new Star Wars, but it just feels a little forced, and untimely. The movie came out a year ago. One of the strengths of South Park is that they’re able to stay timely and relevant because of their quick turnaround, but this feels just a bit dated. Yes, it does play into the Member Berries stuff, because they want you to member Star Wars even though it’s a year old, but I just expect a little more.

Speaking of the Member Berries, things got a little weird this week in their land. I’ve done a complete 180 on the Member Berries. When they were introduced in the first episode, I thought they were pretty stupid, but they’ve grown on me throughout the season, thanks in large part to their cute voices. The torture scene was funny and them driving a mini car was great. Kidnapping one of their own was the thing that threw me off. I’m assuming there will be an explanation for this, and I hope it’s a good one. Member Berries seemed almost harmless at first, just a drug device to keep the main stories moving along. Now, they are a main story.

The relationship between Gerald and Dildo continues to be a strong suit of this season. Dildo still thinks there’s more to Gerald than just being an online bully, but Gerald shows no signs to the contrary. When it appears that the clock is ticking on Gerald, he turns to Dildo. Yes, he’s a troll. Yes, he just does it for the laughs. Yes, he’s unlikable. But the guy needs a friend in this time of exposure, and he’s trolled them all away.

Random Thoughts

*”She’s funny too. You’re not giving her credit for being hilarious.”

*”I wanna go get some ice cream to get the taste of ass out of my mouth.”

*”I miss my friend.” Poor Dildo.

*I laughed so hard at Gerald’s screensaver. How does his wife not realize that’s his screensaver?

*The juicy member berry was a great touch.

*Member Caitlyn Jenner?

The final score: review Good
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The story is starting to take shape, but there are still four episodes left a whole lot of explaining to do. I enjoyed this weeks episode. I had my issues with it, but there were a lot of laughs and things seem to be moving in the right direction, even if I don't agree with it.