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South Park 20.8 Review – ‘Members Only’

November 17, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.8 Review – ‘Members Only’  

With only three episodes remaining, South Park is in the home stretch for their 20th season. This episode was all over the place, but in a good way.

Mr. Garrison has gone full on Trump. No sense in beating around the bush with things anymore, they gave Garrison the keys to the kingdom and let him go. Even the facial expressions were spot on. The whole “my dick is dry” bit didn’t quite hit with me, but I appreciated that Matt & Trey are no longer playing around with the Garrison/Trump thing. They are trying to smack you in the face with just how scary and how real this whole thing is.

I’m still trying to figure out the endgame to all of this. Last week, Hillary Clinton showed up and played a pretty big role in the story. Same with Bill Clinton. This week, they weren’t seen. Gerald made the same reference as Bill did last week (“My wife is a big bitch”), but otherwise the Clinton’s stayed away from this episode. I thought the Bill and Bill thing was a bit forced last week, and they did nothing to re-assure me of things this week.

It looks like they’re going all in on Member Berries being the reason for Trump winning the election. The only conclusion I can draw from this is, besides the Make America Great Again slogan, we’re supposed to remember what it’s like when a white man is in charge. We had eight years of Obama, and instead of getting four years of a woman, we’re back with a self-entitled white guy. Otherwise, I can’t see the correlation between Trump getting elected and remembering when things were better. The whole worry about Trump getting elected is that things are going to be far worse.

The English warn Garrison about the Member Berries, which is fine, except that didn’t Randy already explain them to Garrison? It’s like when South Park decided to go full on with Garrison as Trump, they kind of forgot about what has already happened with him. I guess you could argue that Garrison didn’t know that “membries” was “member berries,” but it still feels like they missed something there.

Gerald continues to be the best character during this season. The lengths he’ll go to to protect himself are actually admirable. Sure, what he’s doing is wrong, and framing his kid doesn’t make things any better, but you have to admire his gumption. How he deals with Kyle knowing his true identity will be a real test for him.

Cartman and Heidi are still trying to flee to Mars, but SpaceX is still 8-10 years away from being ready to go to Mars. Butters is also trying to get to Mars, and the twist in all of this is that Butters is now playing the role that Cartman has been playing all season. Cartman is on to Butters’ ways and is none too pleased. Cartman and Butters always have a great dynamic and these scenes are no different. I’m still waiting for Cartman to snap in front of Heidi and I’d be surprised if there is any other outcome.

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*Nice touch with the Star Wars music when the Member Berries walked into the bar.

*”You went from being the biggest asshole in the school to a soft-hearted feminist. Like me.”

*”OH, DEAR!”


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The 411
Tonight it felt like South Park wanted you to member the past. Tom's Rhinoplasty, Cher, "What, What What," are all distant memories in the South Park universe. While it was nice to see them return, it shouldn't distract from the show possibly losing the plot with this episode. Maybe Trump winning actually threw off their entire premise and forced Matt and Trey to re-write these final episodes so everything makes sense. Something just feels a bit off from the start of the season to now. They have two episodes to wrap-up everything up, and I'll never doubt the show, but there is work to be done.