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South Park 20.9 Review – ‘Not Funny’

December 1, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 20.9 Review – ‘Not Funny’  

With only two episodes left in the season, South Park is in the home stretch and has a lot to get done. Tonight’s episode didn’t exactly give me hope for next week’s finale.

Kyle may have said it best when he walked into church. “We used to have a challenge and deal with it, and move on to the next one. Now we’ve just been dealing with trolling and internet stuff over and over, week after week. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty sick of it.”

The trolling stuff was good to start the season. The reveal that is was Gerald behind the skankhunt account was even good. But it’s just continued. It looked like was over when all of the trolls were trapped in the room, they opened their briefcase, and they were rick roll’d. Well, the same thing happened in this episode. They were trapped in a room, a movie began playing, and they were rick roll’d.

Maybe Trump winning the election threw off their entire season, because they’ve gone in so many different directions that they aren’t even keeping things straight. Hillary Clinton was around, then gone. Bill Clinton said that his wife was super pissed, and she hasn’t been seen since. The forced Bill Cosby thing went nowhere. Even member berries, which I really came around on throughout the season, were MIA in this episode.

In the end, we found out that this whole season has been a troll. That the leader of Denmark isn’t actually Danish and that he came up with Troll Trace as way to start World War 3. It’s a fine ending, even though it isn’t quite over. It just feels…underwhelming.

That’s what this whole episode, and I guess the whole season, was leading up to. The interactions with Mr. Garrison had to do with whether or not he should bomb Denmark. The return of Mr. Slave was nice, and a good use of his character, but it felt flat. If Garrison doesn’t bomb Denmark, the trolling has been for naught because World War 3 doesn’t get started. And I thought the Member Berries were trying to start World War 3? Are Bedranger and the Member Berries working together? That feels like a big piece of the story that needs to be answered next week.

Cartman is still trying to get to Mars, along with the rest of the world, and Heidi has been called upon to make it happen. The Butters and Cartman interactions continue to be strong, but it feels like they are strong because we know these characters and their history, not because the story is any good. Cartman having doubts about how smart and funny Heidi is thanks to Butters would have been fine if Heidi didn’t solve the problem. But she did. So, why wasn’t Cartman happy for her and happy that he now gets to go to Mars and she doesn’t have to find out who he really is? I guess it would be very Cartman-esque to self sabotage on the word of Butters. Maybe I was just hoping for something different given how this season has unfolded. Maybe, they once again trolled me. But why would Cartman listen to Butters after he was part of the group that broke his stuff?

Random Thoughts and Quotes

*Only the men praying in Church was a nice touch. But women do bad stuff online as well. Right?

*”This isn’t South Park.”

*”Ohhhhh. Shit.”

*Ike has been the underrated star of this season.

*Where is Stan in all of this? I was really hoping for more of a follow-up after Wendy broke up with him, but there’s been nothing. That was played like a monumental moment in South Park history with the set-up, the music, and the reaction.

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Matt and Trey can easily pass this season off as a giant troll job and most South Park fans will likely be satisfied with that. But that doesn’t make the season any good, at least in my eyes. I’ve been disappointed with the overall lack of direction in the season. They have one episode to tie everything together and give a satisfactory conclusion, but I just don’t know if it’ll happen.