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South Park 21.10 Review – ‘Splatty Tomato’

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park - Splatty Tomato
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South Park 21.10 Review – ‘Splatty Tomato’  

The eery ending to season 21 of South Park fit with what’s happening in the world right now. And that, kinda sucks.

First off, let me get the PC Principle and Strong Woman plot out of the way. I hope that’s the end of it. It never connected with me and it felt like something they tacked on at the end of the season just to give PC Principle something to do. Are people really that upset over co-workers dating? Is this really an outrage right now? If it is, I missed it.

The White’s being the only people capable of stopping the President wasn’t exactly subtle. But it was frightening how on point Matt and Trey were. There is no stopping the President. In fact, as of this morning, his approval rating jumped to 45 percent. So much for that splatty tomato. The White’s aren’t going to stop the President. They’re going to continue to get distracted while the President slips out in the middle of the night and a tax bill gets passed.

This storyline, while funny, was mainly just depressing.

We finally wrapped up the Heidi-Cartman relationship. And it ended perfectly. Heidi was reminded of better times, she finally saw through Cartman’s manipulation, and she ended things. Cartman even called back to a previous episode, threatening to commit suicide if she broke up with him. But this time, she didn’t fall for it. There was no epic fight, which we actually got last week, we finally got the smart Heidi that she was portrayed as last season.

Even that felt depressing, though. I kept waiting for the punchline. The shocking moment. Cartman actually shooting himself or accidentally shooting Kenny or Butter. And. Nothing. He just stood there as the episode ended, reminding everyone that the President is on the loose, stealing food and pooping in the woods.

The episode had some funny moments. The bad 80s music played for some nice laughs and I lost it at the FOX trap. But the goal of this episode didn’t seem to be “make people laugh.” It seemed to be “make people realize that America sucks right now.” Mission accomplished, Matt and Trey.

On the bright side, Ike is the hero we need. Even if we don’t deserve him. I would have liked more Ike and Kyle tension, but I can forgive that given they had to wrap things up this season. The bedroom scene was a nice tease of what could have been.

I can’t even call this a bad episode because it accomplished what it set out to accomplish. It showed the grim realities of the real world. The person you think you love, you probably should not be with. Either because you’re co-workers and that makes everyone puke or because the person next to you manipulated you and turned you into a terrible person. Alright, I’m sure love actually exists, but not in the South Park universe. Worse than love not existing is a President scaring children at night. And nothing will change unless the White’s get it together.

You hear that, White’s. Get your shit together.

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The 411
It's tough to judge this episode. I recognize that it accomplished the goal and I found myself laughing at certain moments, but the episode ended on such a sad, empty, note that I can't help but hate the episode. I hope we can look back on this episode five years from now and all share big laughs over it. But for right now, it felt "too real to be funny." Still, given that it tied up some loose ends and gave me a satisfying, yet sad, conclusion to Heidi-Cartman, I can't be too harsh.