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South Park 21.3 Review – “Holiday Special”

September 28, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park Randy Marsh
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South Park 21.3 Review – “Holiday Special”  

Indigenous. Definition. Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place.

Columbus discovering America was not indigenous.

Indignant. Definition. Feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.

Native Americans being run off their land by Columbus would have the right to feel indignant.

The confusion of those two words is what leads us to Wednesday’s episode of South Park. Randy Marsh wants to protest Columbus Day because that’s what Randy Marsh does. I’m 100 percent fine with it. As I’ve mentioned before, Randy taking up a cause or a hobby typically makes for a great episode and this one was no different.

I did like that Kyle provided a bit of insight as to how to deal with parents who go overboard, as I did wonder why Shelia wasn’t protesting this holiday, but Randy surpassed Shelia as the “crazy parent” at this point.

So, Randy is unhappy with Columbus Day because he’s Randy. That’s literally the reason they gave and I have no problem with that. We just have to accept that Randy is a maniac who does shit on a whim and if he wants to act like a victim and protest Columbus, that’s what he’s going to do. It was explained perfectly at the end when we discover that Randy is 2.8% Neanderthal.

While Randy’s shenanigans are always hilarious, finally putting some spotlight on all four of the kids took this episode to a higher level. Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny don’t care at all about Columbus and what he did or didn’t do when he discovered America. They just want the day off from school. The four of them going to the Peter Gotman’s house dressed like BoJack Horseman characters was the kind of scene that they’ve been missing these past couple of seasons.

Like just about every episode of South Park nowadays, this one had plenty to do with current affairs. This one was about how people have been acting as victims during these last months of protest. Even if you’re white, a DNA test proves that you’re part victim. While this was about the current state of America, I feel this could have worked at any time because a lot of white people always try to play the victim. The episode was more impactful today, but it’s one that won’t feel dated in a couple of years because minority protests are always going to happen and white people are always going to feel like they need victim attention.

I found the DNA testing stuff to be funny because last weekend a group of my friends were just talking about it. I don’t know why it’s all of a sudden and I really don’t care, but that’s the great thing about South Park. They typically have their finger on the pulse on the most trivial things and they always make those things out to be stupid. DNA testing is no exception.

The funniest bit in tonight’s episode was the lengths Randy was willing to go to to prove he was part Native American. The Indian showing up with his parent’s had me cracking up, as did Randy willing to have sex with the Indian when they needed an extra DNA test. I hope real people don’t to those extremes to prove something about their DNA, but it honestly wouldn’t shock me if they did.

It’s safe to say that South Park has found their groove again with the single episode format. There seems to be an air of comfortability surrounding the show that was missing last season. Things don’t feel so forced and I’m no longer left wondering, “where is this going?” only to be disappointed when it goes nowhere.

No new episode next week, so I’ll catch everyone in two weeks. Until then, I’m on twitter @jeremylambert88 and try to learn something today.

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"Holiday Special" reminded me of episodes of South Park past. It didn't smack you in the face with current political affairs, it had Randy being crazy, and it had the boys working together in order to benefit them. Another strong episode in a season that is off to a good start.