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South Park 21.6 Review – ‘Sons a Witches’

October 26, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park - Sons a Witches
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South Park 21.6 Review – ‘Sons a Witches’  

Halloween episodes of South Park are generally outstanding. “Pink Eye,” “A Nightmare on Facetime,” “Hell on Earth 2006,” “Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery,” and “Spookyfis”h all are some of the best episodes in show history.

While I’m not quite ready to say “Sons a Witches” is on the level of those episodes, it certainly shows that Matt and Trey know how to do Halloween.

“Sons a Witches” is about a witchpursuit thing. Of course, it wasn’t about witches or smoking crack and drink Jack. It was really about the recent sexual abuse scandal in Hollywood. Ever since Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexually assaulting every famous female actress, everyone in Hollywood was been accused to sexually assaulting everyone.

The decision to bring back President Garrison played perfectly into things. Butters making fun of him for not delivering on his accomplishments and then Garrison showing he had ultimate power in the face of these accusations really summed up Trump’s presidency. He hasn’t deported all of the immigrants, he hasn’t built a wall, and yeah, he’s been accused of sexual assault. But, he’s still the President.

Like last week, while the episode was about a current event in the world, it was a story that can play for years. We’re always going to have witchpursuit things in the world. Somebody will always do something that ruins it for everyone else and when that happens, everyone else will try and cover their own ass. In the words of Stephen Stotch, “This witch pursuit thing has you on a witch pursuit thing.”

Some are wondering

One scene that never gets old for me is Sharon admonishing Randy after he has a hard night out of partying. It’s become one of those classic South Park scenes that may never have a payoff, but if it does, it will likely go down as one of the most memorable scenes in show history.

One story that needs a payoff is the Cartman-Heidi relationship. I’m all for evil Cartman plotting his escape from his girlfriend, but they’ve really done a number on Heidi’s character. In this episode, she was reduced to a cliché’d girl who takes far too long to get ready. Based on last season, Heidi should just be better than that. Then again, she is dating Eric Cartman.

When you apply the sexual assault outbreak to this episode, Cartman leaving his girlfriend in the woods to be kidnapped really says a lot about his character. We’ve known Cartman to be an evil genius since pretty much the first episode, but he’s really outdone himself this season as he’s tried to get away from Heidi.

Once again, the music was on point in this episode. The dad’s little song where they still didn’t say “witch hunt” despite the obvious rhyme and then the use of an Iron Maiden song fit perfectly into the episode. I even approve of “I Want Candy” in the opening scene.

I still can’t stress how nice it is to have single episodes back, I just hope the there is some sort of payoff of the threads from last season, namely Heidi and Cartman.

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"Sons a Witches" builds on what has been, in my estimation, a strong season for the show. It had a timely story passed off as an evergreen story, a couple of classic scenes, and plenty of jokes that landed. My only complaint is that they reduced Heidi into a stereotype.