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South Park 21.8 Review – ‘Moss Piglets’

November 16, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
South Park - Moss Piglets
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South Park 21.8 Review – ‘Moss Piglets’  

Of all the ways that Matt and Trey could have taken the Cartman and Heidi relationship, I did not expect them to turn Heidi into the female Cartman. Suddenly, her gradual transformation from happy-go-lucky, well-intentioned good girl to daft bitch makes a lot more sense.

I lost it when fat Heidi appeared at the lunch table used the same mannerisms and tone as Cartman. From snide chuckle to her pronunciation of “skewl,” it was all perfect. The bus stop scene with Heidi comparing herself to a slave and ripping on Teresa for living in a trailer. The scene where Cartman and Heidi both tell Kyle to shut up. Also, perfect.

Cartman is getting a little taste of everything he has experienced in 21 seasons is quite poetic.

How much more life they can get out of the Heidi-Cartman relationship remains to be seen. At some point, one of them will hit a breaking point. Either Heidi will realize what she has become and snap or Cartman will realize that it’s not much fun being in a relationship with, literally, the female version of him.

Or, who knows. Maybe Matt and Trey will surprise us again and have them get married or something.

The main story focussed on the return of Nathan and Mimsy, and their quest for pussy. Yes, chicks dig the winners of the science fair. It’s a statement that is not at all true, but makes sense for the Nathan and Mimsy characters. Their on-going feud with Jimmy and Timmy is an underrated battle that I’m glad Matt and Trey don’t beat to death. They go back to it every couple of seasons and always get a good episode out of it (Handicar remains one of my favorite episodes to date).

While Nathan and Mimsy go with the tried and true “exploding volcano,” Timmy and Jimmy are pretty much creating an entire species that dances to Taylor Swift. That sounds like the perfect species to me. Things take a turn when Jerry Jones and the NFL end up getting involved.

Matt and Trey played it smart by having the Los Angeles Chargers as one of the teams with the empty stadium, but the NFL’s declining attendance and ratings are slightly overblown. The direction they took the new species in was unexpected, and it played for some good laughs, but it also felt like low hanging fruit. Not that they’ve ever shown that they’re above reaching for that fruit.

Only two episodes remain, and while this season is not serialized, there is the obvious story of Cartman and Heidi that needs some type of conclusion or progression. They’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of their relationship and with the effort put into their story, I hope it’s not all for naught. The relationship between Stan and Wendy ended up being one of the most disappointing stories in South Park history due to their “sort of on” nature throughout the series.

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"Moss Piglets" was another good episode in a very strong season. I'm always up for a Nathan/Mimsy vs. Jimmy/Timmy battle. I'm also up for seeing a female version of Cartman, especially when it was done as well as it was. There was nothing bad about this episode, and it's another episode that plays now and years from now, but it did feel like a step down from previous episodes in the series.