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South Park 23.04 Review – “Let Them Eat Goo”

October 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 23.04 Review – “Let Them Eat Goo”  

So much for thinking Tegridy Farms was being put in the bin.

Nope, it’s still around as the two stories intertwined to takedown anyone who thinks they are eating healthy when they are eating plant-based meat. Whatever the hell that is.

I’ve seen the ads for the Impossible Burger at Burger King. I’ve never had one and I never will have one because Burger King is generally trash and Wendy’s is much better. But, as South Park points out, there is no way it’s actually a healthy option. If you want to stop eating meat and switch to a plant-based diet, you need to stop eating meat and switch to a plant-based diet. Burger King, or anyone else trying to tell you “plants are meat” are lying to you and taking your money. Hope they serve those plant burgers with a side of lube because you’re getting fucked in ass (the SP OGs will get this one).

Ever the genius, Randy and Towlie find a way to profit off this because business is down thanks to China. Though Tegridy Farms has jumped the shark to me, Randy referencing the China storyline, and quoting LeBron James, was a nice intro into this episode. This is why South Park remains culturally relevant. They took something LeBron James said yesterday, and put it in tonight’s episode. The only other TV show that can pull something like that off is Saturday Night Live. And they can’t pull it off. Because it’s been terrible for a couple of decades now.

Towlie and Randy getting high to come up with ideas spoke to me and I admit to laughing when they were shooting cows. Look, the ideas you come up with when you’re high might not be the right idea, but they are the best ideas.

Randy selling Tegridy Burgers was a little too close to Cartman’s Ass Burgers for my liking. Ass Burgers was a clever play on words and Tegridy Burgers, also a clever play on words, is attacking an actual subject. The message is largely the same, though. You’re being fed shit.

The secondary story linked to the primary as Cartman wanted good food, Wendy wanted plant food, and so plant food got goo’d into good food. The Cartman & Butters pairing were gold in this episode, which isn’t a surprise. Cartman & Butters are always gold together. But hey, member Kenny?

Cartman learning something in the end was a nice change of pace as it’s usually Stan, sometimes Kyle, who learns a lesson. But it’s never, unless done in a sarcastic way, Cartman. Cartman’s final speech tied everything together and hammered home that plant meat is just as bad for you as real meat.

So hell, I might try an impossible burger. If it’s done by Wendy’s.

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South Park has really hit a stride this season after a disappointing premiere. Keeping the two stories, albeit separate, was a nice touch that they've done well this season, but not quite to this extent. Matt & Trey used four of their strongest characters to tell the story and sprinkled in a little City Wok. I enjoyed this week slightly more than last week, probably because I got a little high. The best ideas are when you're high.

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