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South Park 23.07 Review – “Board Girls”

November 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 23.07 Review – “Board Girls”  

Peter Charles?

The mystery of PC Principle has been ruined as South Park got away from Tegridy Farms after last week’s season finale. I was curious as to how they would flesh out these final four episodes with no more Tegridy Farms and, at least for this week, Matt & Trey knocked it out of the park.

Immediate dread and concern came over me when I saw PC Babies would be the focal point of the episode. I had no time for PC Babies previously and was not expecting much, but they weren’t the focus as much as it was Strong Woman and her desire to enter men’s sports.

Fans of pro wrestling and MMA (likely many of you reading this site) saw the obvious connection here. Macho Man is now Strong Woman. A clever play by Matt & Trey that was also linked to the topic. Transgender women getting into women’s MMA or wrestling is a topic, though maybe not a topic as big as it used to be. To keep with the wrestling theme, AEW fans likely know Nyla Rose and the backlash there. It’s less of an issue in wrestling because it’s fake, but it was definitely a talking point in MMA with Fallon Fox.

The episode not only touched on that issue, but also addressed what it means to be transgender and the PC culture turning on itself. PC Principle represented this as he was confused and hit with a morale dilemma on what to do. I hope we see this different side of PC Principle moving forward. Because, let’s face it, not everything is so black & white in the world. South Park typically does a good job of representing both sides, showing how everyone is stupid and we shouldn’t take this shit so serious.

But it’s super serial.

I’m honestly not qualified to speak about “is saying you’re transgender enough to be transgender?” I don’t know. However a person wants to identify as, that’s who they can identify as. It’s not my place to say.

The female board game club was an equally funny storyline as board game culture is usually represented by males. It’s not always the case as female representation in gaming has increased, but for the most part, it’s a male dominated genre. In this episode, we learned not only do girls like Dungeons and Dragons, but they also take it seriously. And if you’re a male who identifies as a female, that doesn’t actually make you an awesome female DND player.

Cartman wasn’t used much, but he made the most of his screen time. Matt & Trey know that they have to get one of Cartman, Butters, or Randy on-screen each episode. And Cartman is easy laughs with his one-liners because he can get away with just about anything.

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This was a home run episode of South Park. Maybe it won't stand the test of time, which is the only knock against it, but it was a hilarious episode in the moment and one that only South Park can really touch on. Everything worked, even if the characters we're used to were background players.

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