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South Park 23.08 Review – “Turd Burglars”

November 28, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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South Park 23.08 Review – “Turd Burglars”  

I haven’t seen a shittier episode of South Park since Bono.

This was a complete throwback episode. No politics or timely pop culture references (Tom Brady aside) or real world issues. Just shit. And a clear focus on the four boys. Remember them? Nothing highlighted the throwback feel of the episode more than the characters learning something today. Hey, remember when they always learned something? This week’s lesson was to simply trust your gut. Tried and true advice.

Kyle is worried about microbiomes being everywhere. It’s classic Kyle. An idea gets into his head and he blows it up instead something bigger. And now, Kyle can’t sleep without thinking about the microbiomes. Of course, it’s also how he helps save the world in some sort of odd superpower. It makes about as much sense as a spider biting some kid and him being Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny are involved in multiple schemes. They want Kyle’s mom’s shit in order to secure a video game and then need “the spice” from Tom Brady. Anytime Cartman is coming up with a scheme and involving Kenny, it’s a good episode. Pulling Stan in was a nice touch as he typically sides with Kyle in these situations. So seeing him paired with Kyle and Cartman was refreshing. It was also refreshing to finally see Kenny get a bigger role. Not only did we see Kenny without his hoodie, but we also got his non-muffled voice.

“One For The Ladies” was a nice riff on the movies Bridesmaids and Girls Trip. All those movies end with women shitting and throwing up everywhere, right? Kyle’s mom needing the fecal transplant worked on a couple of levels because she’s usually so grossed out by such things. But in this instance, she needed to feel better. Kyle’s mom has always loved to be put in a position of power. Nothing is more powerful than everyone wanting your shit. The ending joke will probably be taken as offensive in this equality world, but try to remember that it’s a television show where they are literally doing shit transplants.

It had to be a conscious decision not to include Mr. Hankey or Bono in this episode. Bono instead of Tom Brady for who carried “the spice” would have made plenty of sense, although then you wouldn’t need Bono’s shit, you would just need Bono. Randy also would have been perfect for the episode, but it was nice to see him take a break after dominating the majority of this season.

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Any episode of South Park that is about shit and nothing but shit is going to be a good episode. Not every episode needs to be some kind of statement or message. Sometimes, you just need a fecal transplant to remind you what you came from.

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